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What Are The Signs Of Nutritional Disease In Herb Gardens

Nutritional Disease In The Herb Garden


What Are Nutritional Diseases In Herbs?

Nutritional diseases are in fact imbalances of vital nutrients that a plant or herb needs to thrive. Salt injury is also included under this heading. Too much as well as too little of a particular nutrient can cause problems.

What Are Signs Of Nutritional Disease?

Signs of nutritional problems include yellowing of leaves, black spots on leaves and stems, an overgrowth of leafy growth that results in a weak and disease susceptible herb.

How To Avoid Nutritional Disease In Herb Gardens

To avoid nutritional diseases in your herb gardens, plants need the right balance of nutrition, moisture and environmental conditions like sunlight or shade, to fight disease. It is important to provide all three for your plants to remain hardy and thrive in your herb garden.

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