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Troubleshooting Garden Problems

Every gardener needs to know what to do when things go wrong. There are often easy to use solutions. Here you will find help solving disease issues and pest identification. Your germination problems usually have simple answers too. This is the first place to turn for all your herb gardening troubles.

5 Ways To Protect Herbs From Extreme Heat And Drought
Here are 5 ways to protect the herb garden from extreme heat and drought conditions.

What's New For August?
What's new for august?

How To Choose The Correct Plant Pot For Your Herb Gardens
All about pot sizes, textures, materials and shapes. Find out what plants grow best in what type of pots

What To Look For When Buying Healthy Potted Herbs
What to avoid when buying potted herbs

5 Insects That Can Damage Your Indoor Gardens
Indoor gardens need a bit of extra care, since you control the environment. What is good for your plants is also good for insects.

5 Herbs That Are Dangerous
5 herbs that are dangerous to ingest or handle. Use caution if growing and handling any of these varieties.

Insecticides In The Herb Garden
Insecticides and the herb garden. Do insecticides have a place in an herb garden?

Get Rid Of Ants
How to repel ants in the herb garden

When Do I Mulch My Herbs?
When should I mulch my herbs? A reader asks when exactly is the right time to mulch his herbs?

Use Willow Twigs For Rooting Hormone
For a natural approach to rooting your herb cuttings, make willow water.

How Do I Know If My Old Seeds Will Grow?
Will my seeds from last year still grow? How can I check to see that they will?

Identify Problems In An Herb Garden
What is causing damage in my herb garden.

Floating Row Covers For Organic Pest Control
Floating row covers are an effective way of organic pest control.

Handpicking Insects For Organic Pest Control
Organic pest control is important when working in an edible garden. Hand picking insects is an effective means of controlling them.

Make Your Own Organic Garden Spray
Make your own spray to repel the biting and sucking bugs in your garden. This spray is safe to ingest but washing herbs before eating is still recommended.

Organic Pest Control - Trapping
Trapping is an effective means of safely controlling insects in the herb garden.

Organic Pest Control - Heating Soil
Heating the soil is a very effective means of organic pest control. Find out why you should heat your garden area and what the heating process can control.

Insects Damage Herb Gardens
Insects damage herbs in many ways

What Is Bacteria
What is bacteria and how does it affect an herb garden?

What Is Fungi
What is fungi and how does it attack an herb garden?

What Are The Signs Of Nutritional Disease In Herb Gardens
What are nutritional diseases of herbs. Signs and symptoms of nutritional diseases in herb gardens.

Herb Garden Salt Damage
Salt damage in the herb garden can be from many different sources. Salt damage in the herb garden can stunt the plant's growth, damage the foliage and simply kill the herb from the root upwards.

Control Invasive Herbs
How do you control invasive herbs in the herb garden? There are some simple steps to take, and you can enjoy even the most wild spreading herbs in the world.

What Is Wrong With My Herbs?
Why do my herbs have mold and mildew? What can I do about it?

Check Herb Seed Viability
Before starting herb seeds, it is important to check the viability of your seeds. Here is an easy way to see what percentage of your seeds will grow.

10 Most Common Herb Garden Mistakes
I have gardened in so many situations, that there probably are not many mistakes I have not made over the years. In no specific order, here are my 10 most common herb garden mistakes people make, and how to avoid them.

Will These Insects Damage My Herbs?
Identify insects in the herb garden to see if they are beneficial or hostile to your herbs. View the damage found in an herb garden, see the insects found on a warm summer day, and find out if you should be concerned with what visits there.

Remove Ants From the Herb Garden
Ants can quickly become a problem in a container garden. Here is an easy way to rid your herbs of them.

Repel Pests In The Herb Garden
Here are some ways to repel both large and small pests in the garden. Organic choices that be just what you need! Read more information here about organic means to control pests in the herb garden.

Identifying Problems in the Herb Garden
The first step in eradicating any problems in your herb garden is to find out if the problem is a fungus or insect. Here is how to identify problem issues in your garden.

Natural Mole Control for Your Herb Garden
There are not as many problems with insects bothering an herb garden as there are in a vegetable garden, but you may find mole damage. From About.com's Landscaping Guide, here is how to identify and repel moles naturally.

Identifying Plant Nutrient Deficiencies
From About.com's Gardening Guide, a definitive article on identifying a plant's nutritional deficiencies, using several symptoms as keys to solving the problem.

Will Basil Downy Mildew Affect My Other Herbs?
Will the recent outbreak of basil blight affect my other herbs in the herb garden?

What To Do After You Have Basil Downy Mildew
What to do if you have Basil Downy Mildew disease.

Success Or Failure in the Rose Garden
Rose garden mistakes and winners, in the 2012 rose garden.

Polymer Moisture Crystals - Why Use Polymer Moisture Crystals

How to Avoid Contaminated Herbal Products
How to avoid contaminated herbal remedies

Green Manure
Green manures are a great way to add organic nutrients to your soil. Here is how to choose and plant green manure for your garden.

How to Protect Herbs From Frost

Indoor Herb Gardening: What's Wrong With My Basil?

Indoor Gardening: What's Wrong With My Rosemary?

Why Don't My Herbs Grow Well?
Ways to keep your herbs garden healthy. Simple steps to protect the health of your herb gardens.

How Do I Keep Weeds From Taking Over My Herb Garden?
How to keep ahead of your weeds in the herb garden.

My Herb Garden Has Aphids!
Aphids are in my herb garden. How do I get rid of them? Are they even aphids? All about aphids.

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