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Varieties Of Roses

Choosing The Right Rose


Mini Rose

Mini Rose

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Which Rose Is Right For Me?

Roses are a prized plant for gardeners all over the country. There are roses that will grow in any location and there are sizes that accommodate any landscaping environment. Let's look at types of roses and their care. This will help you choose the right variety for your own garden. There are too many sub varieties to be listed in one article, so I will list the four major types as an overview.
  • Bush Roses : Bush roses are the largest category. A familiar example of a bush rose is a hybrid tea rose. Hybrid teas are the most popular variety in the US today. They are found in grocery stores and nursery's around the country. There are new ones every year, patented varieties and varieties that have lasted throughout the years due to their reliable growth and ease of care. Hybrid tea roses are good for every level of gardener because they are not as delicate as some. The drawback to all of this easy care, is that Hybrid tea roses also can have less of a fragrance.

  • Climbing Roses : The name given to this category is actually a misnomer. Roses do not actually climb. Their long canes can be attached to supports like trellises and arbors. There are two main types of climbers: Large flowered climbers, with thick canes and blooming all summer, and ramblers, with thinner canes and more clusters of flowers blooming in early spring.

  • Shrub Roses : Shrub roses are hardy and very easy to grow. They grow upright and have numerous canes that can be trimmed to create sturdy hedges. Shrub roses usually only bloom in early summer but a few varieties offer blooms throughout the season. Shrub roses make lovely borders and make a more attractive deterrent than a metal fence.

  • Groundcover Roses : This variety of rose has a creeping habit. Its canes produce low mounds of rose. These also come in both one time blooming and repeated blooming strains.

What Care Do All Roses Need?

No matter what variety of rose you choose, all need at least 6 hours of sunlight, rich soil and good drainage. Other than these needs, roses can and have been grown in every landscaping condition. Roses also grow very well in container gardens. If you want to choose a variety that is from a warmer garden zone than you live in, planting it in a container will allow you to move it indoors during the colder weather.
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