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How To Bring In Perennial Herbs


Indoor Herb Garden

Indoor Herb Garden

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Before the frost arrives, it is time to bring in your choice of perennial herbs for the winter. Here is the fast, efficient way to giving your herbs a healthy start inside.
Difficulty: Average
Time Required: 1 Hour for multiple herb pots.

Here's How:

  1. Before the first hard frost, choose the perennial herbs you will be bringing in.
  2. Choose pots that are large enough, and have proper drainage. Herbs will not grow as fast indoors however, and can be slightly cramped if needed.
  3. Trim or prune back herb plants, so the energy can be focused on starting roots, not keeping up foliage.
  4. Dig up your herb, keeping only the soil necessary to not disturb roots.
  5. Use potting mix to fill the bottom third of container. Continue to fill around the herb's root ball with potting mix. Tamp down firmly as you fill to keep plant upright.
  6. Add only enough potting soil to replant the herb to it's original depth.
  7. Water thoroughly after the initial transplant. Then follow the plant's desired watering schedule. In general, wintertime means slower growth and less watering or fertilizing.


  1. Choose only the most vigorous herbs for transplanting indoors. Do not choose sickly plants, in order to try and save them.
  2. Examine each plant very closely. Look along stems and under leaves. Fall is the prime time for egg laying.
  3. Do not mix newly transplanted herbs with established herbs at first. Allow at least a week of quarantine, in case any pest or disease come in with the new herb.
  4. Group multiple herbs in pots, by their lighting and watering needs.
  5. Many pests and disease live in garden soil. When transplanting indoors, try to bring in only the soil necessary for keeping roots intact.
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