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Oso Easy Roses

Add Beautiful Blooms Form and Texture to The Rose Garden


Gardeners everywhere want a beautiful garden with loads of blooms on shrubs and plants that provide not only color, but form and texture as well. Whether you garden in a small area or the wide open spaces, you’ll be as delighted as I’ve been by adding Oso Easy roses to your garden. It seems the folks at Proven Winners Color Choice have been hard at work with hybridizers to cultivate landscape roses that bring a burst of color while maintaining a superior level of disease resistance and hardiness that we all desire, making them truly “Oso Easy” to grow.

For the most part, this collection of roses is low growing and will make a perfect border plant or as a “thriller” in container plantings. I will caution you that the beauty of these blooms coupled with the names of them, will tempt you to eat them, or well, eat something…. When I first read through the names and saw the blooms, it made me hungry. Here are four varieties that we are trying this year:

1. Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie Rose
© Proven Winners

If you love a vivid contrast of color on roses, you’ll love Cherry Pie. This rose produces a candy apple red bloom with a bright yellow stamen. We have planted four shrubs of this rose surrounding a tree in our front yard. With a vigorous growth habit and somewhat compact size, makes this rose an excellent candidate for mass planting or mixed borders.

2. Mango Salsa

Mango Salsa Rose
© Proven Winners

The color of this rose reminds me of a ripening mango! (I told you you’d be hungry) I’m typically not a fan of salmon/coral colored roses, but when I saw this rose, I was easily won over. Its compact growth habit can be planted near walkways or in a mixed border for an unusual pop of color.

3. Honey Bun

Honey Bun Rose
© Proven Winners

I can remember as a kid my mom buying fresh honey buns then drizzling them with butter, it was a taste and color combination that I still remember. With a double buttery yellow, blush pink and creamy white bloom, this rose will delight you with a full season of blooms. It is the most disease resistant of all this collection and requires no spraying and no deadheading between bloom cycles

4. Peachy Cream

Peachy Cream Rose
© Proven Winners

This rose; though small in stature only 12-36" in height will tempt you with load of peach colored blooms that fade to a cream color in the sun. Speaking of being temped with peaches, its peach season in Alabama and I just bought a basket of fresh locally grown peaches to tempt my family with a fresh batch of my mama's homemade peach ice cream. This rose would make a great garnish, don't you think? My mama would not be happy if I told you about her ice cream and not share the recipe, so here it is. I'll warn you, it's real good…..

Mama's Ice Cream - Basic Recipe

  • 2 cups sugar
  • 3 cups heavy cream
  • 2 cups milk
  • 2 tablespoons vanilla
  • dash of salt

Mix thoroughly until all salt and sugar is dissolved. Prepare in your ice cream maker per the manufacturer's instructions. (Growing up, this meant me cranking my arms off on that old ice cream freezer) When mixture begins to firm add the fresh fruit of your choice chopped into bite sized pieces. Serve right out of the ice cream maker, or store in freezer safe container overnight. Don't forget to garnish with fresh rose petals and enjoy!

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