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Who Is The Redneck Rosarian?

Chris VanCleave: The Redneck Rosarian


Each Month, Chris VanCleave brings his knowledge and passion for roses, to the Herb Garden site. He is incredibly knowledgeable, and his love of roses simply shines through every article he writes. Find out more about Chris VanCleave, The Redneck Rosarian here.

Who Is Chris VanCleave?

Mr. VanCleave is a rose gardener from Alabama. He writes a blog about his gardening at his personal blog: Cultivating Life & Roses, which is where I first started reading his work.

He is the President of the Birmingham Rose Society, speaks on rose gardening, and is one of the hosts for the very popular #RoseChat, an informative and friendly Twitter chat.

Mr VanCleave is also the host of Rose Chat Radio.

With a garden of over 100 varieties of roses, there is no shortage of rose related info for him to share, and he is generous with his knowledge.

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