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Rose Gardening and Care

Growing roses can be one of the most rewarding gardening experiences. The scent will fill a room and their beauty is legendary. You can have beautiful roses for cutting, potpourri and even use the rosehips in many delicious ways. Find many ways to keep your rose bushes looking their best right here!
  1. How to Prune Tutorial

New Rose Varieties For August 2013
Rose gardens and new varieties from Chris VanCleave

New Year’s Resolutions for the Rose Garden
Rose gardener's resolutions for the year 2013

Oso Easy Roses
Oso Easy roses

What's New For Roses In 2013?
New roses for the 2013 garden season

Success Or Failure in the Rose Garden
What worked and what didn't, in the 2012 rose garden.

How To Grow Earth Kind Roses
How to grow Earth Kind roses

What Are Old Garden Roses
What are old garden roses and which should I choose for my garden?

Caring For Your Roses In Fall
Fall rose care for beautiful rose gardens.

How To Select Modern Roses For Your Garden
Selecting modern roses for your garden using these simple recommendations. From Chris VanCleave, the Redneck Rosarian

The Allure and Significance of The Rose
Rose Expert, Chris VanCleave, shares his thoughts on the allure and historical sense of roses.

Tips For Spring Rose Care
From Rose Expert: Chris VanCleave, here are 10 tips that will have your spring roses blooming nicely!

How To Care For Roses In The Summer
Summer care for your rose gardens

Pruning Roses In Winter
Can I prune back my roses during a warm spell in winter?

What is Moderate Pruning?
Moderate pruning - What is moderate pruning?

Hoeing - What is Hoeing?
Hoeing - What is hoeing

Train And Grow Climbing Roses For the Most Blooms
Climbing roses are known for looking stunning, as they cascade with blooms. Here is how to grow and train your climbing rose to create this amazing look.

Companion Plants For Roses
Here is a quick tip for what to plant with your roses.

Planting Roses
A short description on how to plant roses for the beginning gardener.

Varieties Of Roses
Roses come in many colors and varieties. Let's take a look at the different kinds of roses and find one that fits your needs. Find out more about roses here.

How and When to Prune Roses
From the Gardening guide, comes a well planned page on pruning roses and why they need to be pruned differently. You will not find a more eloquent and well explained article on the web.

How To Dry Rose Petals For Teas and Crafts
How to harvest and preserve rose petals for herbal products

Who Is The Redneck Rosarian?
Guest Author Profile of The Redneck Rosarian, Chris VanCleave

7 Drift Roses
Drift series of easy to grow roses

Roses That Fill Your Garden With Color
These roses are stunning additions to any rose garden. Enjoy this latest update from Chris VanCleave, the Redneck Rosarian.

Video - How to Prune Roses
If you learn better by watching, this video link clearly shows how to prepare and prune roses for the best blooms possible.

David Austin English Roses for 2014

Sustainable Roses For 2014
New Sustainable roses for 2014

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