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Raised Bed Herb Gardens

Herbal gardening in raised beds is a great way to ensure a healthy herb. Find out ways to create your raised beds, special considerations when choosing the right location, soil and plants. You can also find out how to make the most of any size raised bed. If you want to make a raised bed herb garden, this is the place to find out how!

Mix the Perfect Soil For a Raised Bed Garden
The nicest feature about a raised bed garden, is that you can create the perfect growing medium to fill it with.

What Is A Raised Bed Herb Garden?
How to make a raised bed garden and what materials they are made from. Here are some basic ideas about raised bed gardens and why you may want one.

Why Not to Use Pressure Treated Lumber in a Raised Bed
From About.com's Landscaping Guide, here is more information why pressure treated lumber is a bad idea for an edible raised bed garden.

How To Build a Raised Bed Garden
Make your own raised bed garden, that is the perfect compliment for your herbs.

Transplanting Potted Herbs To The Garden
how to transplant potted herbs

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