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What Can You Sell From Your Herb Garden

Herb Sale Ideas


Selling herbs from yourgarden for profit, is simply a matter of planning ways to sell what you have. Make a short list of items that you have. Brainstorm ways to turn these items into value added products. Here are my picks for the 5 best ways to make money from herbs.

1. Plants and Seeds

Herb Seeds For Sale
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Selling herb plants is probably the easiest and fastest way to profit. Start growing your herbs in late winter or early spring. Start small, grow what you know best, and micromanage these seedlings for top quality results. Your customers will come from local word of mouth, and they will do much of the advertising for you.

2. Dried Herbs

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Dried herbs is a great way to sell them. Many customers will not buy an herb fresh, because they do not recognize that it is the same herb they see in a jar. Many herbs look entirely different once they are dried and put in a container.

Dry herbs for both culinary use, as well as for crafts. There is a market for both. Place your dried material into jars or tins, and be sure to offer samples of food made with them, if possible. My experience has shown that more customers will try something new if they can taste/smell it first.

Don't overlook mixing teas and smoking mixtures as well. They are the simple combination of herbs that become your own special recipes! Bag them up in a creative container and voila! You will have repeat customers with very little effort.

3. Value Added Products

Dandelion Jelly For Sale
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Value added products, means using a single product, like lavender, to make other items. In the case of lavender, this could be lavender wands, salve, eye pillows, cookies, dryer bags and more. Value added is giving the customer more reason to purchase from you, because you are offering more than just that single thing you started with. A customer may never have the desire to grow a lavender plant, but would love to have a lavender filled eye pillow. Your customer base has now increased, with little effort.

4. Herb Information

Herb Newsletter
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Herbal knowledge is a very important product to sell. There is a growing trend of consumers that want to know more about herbs than every before. The time you have spent growing and using herbs is something valuable to many of these consumers.

Newsletters, recipe books, writing herbal related articles and books, are all ways to create income from your experience. You may find that your expertise in growing a windowsill garden that lasts all year round, is knowledge that is in high demand. The next time you create the perfect tasting soup, loaded with your own blend of herbs, write down how you did it! Collect your recipes and sell them to others, who may not have your creative touch.

5. Teaching Herbal Classes

Your years of growing and using herbs, has created my next way to make money from herbs. Your herbal knowledge is worth more than you think. There are many people who would love to know how to grow herbs in their location. They also may grow the herbs, but don't use them. You can teach classes in herbal cooking, drying, growing and arrangement of herbs, herbal crafts and healing.

Teaching need not be any more involved than finding a common space, putting up flyers and spending a couple of hours organizing. Keep the topic to one you know and love to keep the enthusiasm high. Your time is worth money.

A Final Thought

Making money from the herb garden really requires a little imagination and some creative packaging. You are selling more than your herbs; you are also selling your herbal knowledge.
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