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How To Get Ready For Selling At Farmers Markets


Getting Ready For Market

Getting Ready For Market

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Selling your herbs at a farmers market is a fun and fast paced way to jump into the herb business. It is a necessary step if your goal is to become large enough to create a good income. Here are some tips from a seasoned farmers market seller.

Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: 1 hour or more to organize on paper, 15 minutes to set up.

Here's How:

  1. Make a list and sketch of table layout. Provide enough product to fill table completely.
  2. Pick and get ready at least twice what you think you will sell.
  3. Keep cut produce and herbs cool at all times before market.
  4. Only bring the best you can offer.
  5. Give a bargain feel to an item, i.e. bunch herbs and include more of the faster growing herbs as filler.
  6. Add to customer experience by offering samples and recipes.
  7. Be consistent. Attend every market and stay until the end. When you run out of product, offer good conversation.


  1. Prepare products the night before, or early in the morning.
  2. Show up on time for setting up. This is usually at least 30 minutes before the market opens.
  3. Make signs for absolutely everything on the table.
  4. Offer free items regularly, such as cold tea in summer and warm herbal chai in fall.
  5. Empty table space is wasted revenue. Fill gaps by offering snacks, free recipe cards and even garden photos to keep customers at your table. Crowds bring in more people.

What You Need:

  • Table or stand the accepted size for your local market
  • Signs and containers for visual interest
  • Plenty of products
  • Business card or flyer for future contact with customers
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