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Salve - How To Make Salve

How To Make Salve

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If you want to grow your herbs for profit, the first thing you need to do is brainstorm ideas for sale. Thinking outside the box(or garden), is important for the optimal success in your area. Here are some ideas that you may not have thought of.

  1. Herb plants or starts - These are some of the fastest and easiest ways to profit. You will have a short, intense selling season, but if you have little time to invest week after week, this may be a great fit. Growing herbs from seed is a common way to start. You can then transfer your tiny seedlings into 2 or 4 inch pots and sell these, as the herbs grow. Keep them simple and people will buy a lot! You can also buy trays of plugs for a reasonable price, replant them into 4 inch pots and be ready for larger sales.
  2. Sell cut herbs - Harvest your herbs as they become ready, and sell only what you have. This works well for a small to mid sized garden, since you are offering only what you have available, with no pressure if a crop doesn't do well. Place an add in your local paper, find your farmers markets, put up a paper notice around your town. All will bring sales and repeat customers. If you don't sell your herbs while fresh, dry and sell them that way.
  3. Herb crafts - A fun way to profit from your herbs, is to make gifts with them. Simple items sell very well, such as herb bouquets, dry herb mixes, herb seasoning packets, pressed and dried herb flower petals made into bookmarks and stickers, herb sachets and more.
  4. Herb classes - Herb classes are a fun way to extend your herb season, as well as expand your customer base. Offer a late winter or early spring class for learning to start seeds. Some classes that are welcome any time during the growing season are: pruning herbs, making compost, choosing themed herb gardens, insect identification, the list goes on. Fall classes might be: cooking with herbs, drying and storage tips, holiday craft ideas and the like. Remember, you do not need a degree in order to share your knowledge!

Making money from your herbs will require a lot of imagination and drive. Use your time wisely, think big, but start conservatively. Share what you know with a simple website or newsletter. Get people interested in using herbs and become a resource for herbal knowledge. You will be suprised how fast your herb business will take off.

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