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Vote For The RCA Finalists for 2013

RCA Finalists For 2013: Voting Open


The votes are in, and the top 5 winners in each cateogory have become the finalists in the voting phase. Please vote and share with your friends!

you will choose which of the selected nominees should be the Reader's Choice Award winner for each category.This is the time that really can make a difference to a mom and pop herbal business. Share the link and information with everyone you know, so they can vote for their favorites. What a great way to bring some attention and well deserved readership to those businesses that provide the best at what they do. Below are the Finalists in each category. You may vote 1 time every day. Be certain to share with your friends and family.

This voting phase lasts from February 19, 2013 - to March 19, 2013.

1. Best Online Herbal Business Finalists: Vote Now

RCA Finalist
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It's time to vote! Herb Garden Readers have chosen their favorite online herb business from thousands. Is your favorite listed? Check it out and vote!

What makes an herbal business one of the best? It isn't just the size of the inventory. Readers who submitted their favorite nominees had this to say:

  • Their service is impeccable...
  • Even when I made it clear that I was not going to buy anything, they answered all my questions completely.
  • When I contacted them about an herb that didn't seem fresh, they sent me a replacement without question. I later found out that the first order WAS fresh and I didn't realize that it was supposed to look like it did.
  • When my order seemed to be taking too long, they refunded my shipping fee.
  • I asked about a particular herb that wasn't listed, and they went out of their way to find another supplier for me to purchase from.

2. Best Herbal Magazine Finalists: Vote Now

RCA Finalist, 2013
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It takes a rich, knowledgeable experience to keep a subscriber coming back for more. The votes are in and the top 5 herb magazine finalists are listed. Vote now!

With the overload of printed and online material available, what makes an herbal magazine the best? Readers had this to say about their nominees:

  • Worth every penny. There is so much information, that I go back again and again to read.
  • My budget is limited, so I need to find something that covered everything I want to do with herbs. This one does.
  • It has such a friendly feeling, it is like receiving mail from family.
  • I can't afford to take herbal classes. I subscribe to keep in touch with what herbalists are saying and doing in the herbal world.

3. Best Classic Herb Book Finalists: Vote Now

RCA Finalist 2013
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There are thousands of classic herb books available, and the Herb Garden readers have narrowed their favorites down to these 5 finalists. Is your must have classic herb book listed? Vote now!

When submitting their favorite classic book nominees, Herb Gardens readers had this to say:

  • I feel like this book is the basis in which all herbalists start their knowledge with.
  • No matter what I need to know, this book has at least something about that herb or remedy.
  • Every herbalist I have ever known has a copy. That made me interested, and it is now one of my first reference books to read.

4. Best Online Herbal Education Finalists: Vote Now

RCA Finalist 2013
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What better way to learn from the best, than to take online herbal classes? How do you know that the programs are worth your time and money? The Herb Garden readers have voted, and here are the top 5 finalists. Vote now!

Herbalists in America don't have traditional learning paths. It is important to consider the validity and depth of knowledge, they will get from a class. Online classes have opened the door for many people who just don't live near an herbal school. Herb Garden readers had this to say about their nominees:

  • I asked everyone I knew, which classes were worth taking. They were right.
  • These classes are challenging, and thought provoking.
  • I feel as if I am learning important information that is actually useful.

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