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The Best Herbal Magazine - 2013 About.com Herb Gardens Readers' Choice Awards

Vote Once a Day Between February 19 and March 19, 2013. Winners will be announced March 27, 2013.

Thank you for participating in this year's Herb Gardens Readers' Choice Awards. With your help, we're showcasing some of the best herb related sites, books, and classes, that can be found anywhere. From what herbal sites offer the best products and customer service, to the herbal books that you can't live without, the nominations have been arriving daily. Now that we've narrowed down the finalists, it's time to vote for your favorites!

You will be asked to login using your e-mail address or About.com login. We do understand privacy concerns, but we ask for the e-mail address to keep the voting fair. We won't use it for any purpose at all other than to vote here. You won't be signed up for a newsletter, and we won't spam you. In fact, we won't even be able to see your address. So feel secure voting every single day!

Check out the rest of the finalists in each RCA category:

  • Best Classic Herb Book
  • Best Online Herbal Business
  • Best Online Herbal Education

Read more about the finalists to help you decide your vote.

The Essential Herbal
The Essential Herbal magazine is much more than a simple magazine. It is more of a printed community of herb lovers who share their knowledge and passion for herbs in all forms. Every issue is packed full of an eclectic range of herb articles, recipes, tips and ideas. There is no way you can read it all in one sitting. The Essential Herbal is a magazine that any herb lover needs to see.

Learn more about The Essential Herbal by visiting their web site.

The Herb Companion
The Herb Companion magazine (Review) is an herb gardener's dream. It is full of how to grow common and not-so common herbs, plenty of landscaping with herbs ideas, recipes and medicinal remedies for the home herbalist. The photography alone is worth the subscription price. The articles are fresh and interesting in every issue, and it is a publication that you will turn to again and again.

Learn more about The Herb Companion Magazine by visiting their web site

Plant Healer eZine
Plant Healer eZine overwhelms the senses. It is a rich, collection of articles, written by herbalist from all walks of life. You will come away with a depth of knowledge that can only be found when others generously share what they know. This magazine is visually stunning. It draws the reader in, with thoughtful information, and much more than the standard herb garden magazine. This truly is an experience that is not to be missed.

Learn more about Plant Healer Magazine by visiting their web site

Herbal Roots Zine
If you are looking for an herbal eZine that is written for children but not childish, then Herbal Roots Zine is perfect! It is a beautiful magazine, with true herbal education on every page. The idea is to draw children into the natural world, and learn interesting facts about herbs that keep them wanting more. For adults, Herbal Roots Zine is just as educational. It is also wonderful to have something that is engaging for the children that actually teaches them something useful, that isn't television or video game related.Give them a look!

Learn more about Herbal Roots Zine by visiting their web site

Herbal Collective
The only Canadian publication to make the list, The Herbal Collective is a beautiful magazine. The articles are unique, which is always welcome. The topics range from healing recipes, herb gardening, crafting and education. The Herbal Collective also has its own herbal community, and a Natural Health Directory to search for natural healing providers and products.

Learn more about The Herbal Collective Magazine by visiting their web site

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