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Sun Crystals Sugar Substitute

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Sun Crystals

Sun Crystals

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The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a sugar substitute that actually tastes like sugar, without the bitter or overwhelming aftertaste of any other packet sweetener, Sun Crystals is going to be a nice surprise.

Sun crystals have been discontinued, due to unmet sales expectations, but they are still widely available. If you enjoy the taste of this product, now is the time to buy them and keep them in the pantry.


  • Sweet taste with only a hint of stevia
  • The granulated variety can be used in cooking-foods will brown nicely
  • Not a chemical derivative of stevia, just sugar and stevia
  • Up to three packets remain a free food for diabetics
  • The granulated variety pours and feels, bakes and looks like sugar-not powder


  • As all sugar substitues are, it is expensive
  • Packets have a bitter aftertaste


  • Nice sugary taste, no aftertaste in the granules
  • Bakes the same as sugar
  • Although sweeter than sugar, not a hint of bitter aftertaste in the granules. The packets did have some bitterness.

Guide Review - Sun Crystals Sugar Substitute

(Updated October 2011) Sun Crystals have been discontinued, due to unmet sales expectations)

I purchased both varieties of Sun Crystals straight from the website. One was for cooking and the other was packaged in small packets for travel.

After waiting a short 48 hours, the Sun Crystals arrived by FedEx. My initial taste of each product was that they were extremely sweet. We do not use much sweetener in our diets, so using one as concentrated as this seemed quite strong. The packets were still contained a bitter aftertaste, but was the lightest aftertaste of any of them to date.

The granulated product was exceptional. It was again, super sweet, but tasted only of white sugar. I tried it in ice tea and coffee, both simply were sweet, nothing bitter.

I then baked coffee cake muffins for the entire family. Not one mention of an aftertaste from anyone. The muffins browned as they usually do, and the taste was sweeter than normal, but still nice.

User Reviews

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 1 out of 5
Bad bad bad after taste!!!, Member Fuzzy_Bear

I received two free sample packets of Sun Crystals a few months ago. Taking them to work I threw them into my desk. Today running out of sugar I put one packet into my tea. Engrossed in my work and forgetting I had used Sun Crystals, I took a drink and immediately gagged. The metallic taste reminded me of putting a 9 volt battery on my tongue as a child. I donít know how anyone can say Sun Crystals has no after taste it absolutely does and it is nasty!

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