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Garden In A Pail - Herbs

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Herb garden in a pail

Garden in a pail - herbs

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The Bottom Line

This garden in a pail is a unique idea that would make a great gift for any cook or herb enthusiast. A well made product, the quality is exceptional and includes special touches that make growing the garden successful.


  • Comes complete. Just add water
  • Organic soil and seeds
  • Simple to set up and maintain


  • Might be too large for some indoor gardens


  • High quality, self contained garden in a bucket.
  • Easy to assemble, taking no more than 10 minutes from start to finish.
  • Seed germination was reasonable and vigorous.
  • Organic ingredients are a rare but welcome touch.

Guide Review - Garden In A Pail - Herbs

Offering a new twist on an old idea, this garden may actually change the way you feel about indoor growing kits. The herb garden in a pail, consists of a sturdy pail, garden gloves, organic soil, rice hulls for proper drainage, and organic seeds. When you first open the kit, you will notice that the items are properly packaged and fresh.

There is a package of rice hull medium to provide proper drainage, and allow the finished garden to remain light enough to move easily. The rice hulls fill approximately one third of the bucket.

Unlike many self contained kits, the growing medium contains enough moisture to be poured on top of the rice hulls, without releasing a powdery cloud of dust. The growing medium fills the bucket to within 3 inches of the rim, allowing plenty of room for expansion due to watering and for the growing herbs to remain supported.

The seeds are organic, a nice touch. Their viability seems to be at least 80% from this user's experience. Within 1 week, a large number of each variety have emerged and are growing nicely.

Finally, the nicest feature of this garden in a pail, is that once planted, the herbs can germinate, grow and be harvested in the same container. The pail is large enough to support a healthy size garden. In the spring, the herbs will be large enough to transplant outside if desired.

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