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Ayalas Herbal Water

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Ayala's Herbal Water

Ayala's Herbal Water

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The Bottom Line

I am always looking for a refreshing drink that is unsweetened and good tasting. I was happy to have found this delicious herbal infused water. Ayayla's herbal water is clean tasting, with unique blends of herb infusions that refresh and satisfy, without any sweetner at all.


  • Clean pure taste
  • Uniquely refreshing, without being sweet
  • No artificial anything
  • Available online


  • Too expensive for everyday use
  • Hard to find in my local area


  • Light, refreshing tastes.
  • Unique blends, that are truly natural and delicous
  • Generous size bottles
  • All natural and sugar free
  • USDA organic certified

Guide Review - Ayalas Herbal Water

When I stumbled across this herbal infused water, the choices sounded so intriguing, that I bought a case of assorted flavors, and promptly drank all of the Lemon Verbena Geranium in the first day. The lemon verbena was exactly that: You would swear that you just tasted a fresh leaf.

The 16 ounce bottle was a generous size, making it through a lunch with some left to sip later. All of the flavors were just as crisp and refreshing:

  • Lemon Verbena Geranium - Pure lemon verbena, no bitterness at all. A great taste with a light lunch.
  • Cloves Cardamom Cinnamon - Looking for a replacement for your afternoon latte? This one is for you! Spicy enough to make your tastebuds take notice, but never overpowering. A richly satisfying taste, hard to believe it is all natural and water, no less.
  • Cinnamon Orange Peel - I love the orange flavor to this. It starts out with an orange essence flavoring that lets the clean water taste come through. The cinnamon follows, just enough to perk up your senses. Really a great pick me up and fun with breakfast.
  • Lavender Mint - Awesome! This is such a fun blend. Lavender makes it fun and the mint taste makes you crave more! What an imaginative choice of flavors.
  • Lemon Ginger Peel - To be honest, this one got me through some pretty rough morning sickness days. Highly recommended for the warm ginger tones, with the lemon peel leaving just a sparkling clean taste in your mouth. Delicious!
  • Lemongrass Mint Vanilla - Do you sometimes like a naturally sweet drink? This flavor is the one my kids loved the best. Even for me, it was tasty but not too sweet. The flavors were so perfectly combined, that you can taste each one. This blend is superb.

The only drawback is that I can not find these locally, although buying them online was pretty painless.

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