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Are Herbs Dangerous To Use At Home?

Is It Safe To Make Your Own Herbal Remedies?


Making herbal remedies is an age old tradition, that comes in and out of popularity over the years. In the last few years, home remedies have begun to become increasingly popular once again. This is great for the person who is interested in herbalism, but possibly disconcerting for others who are unsure of herbal safety.

Are Herbs Safe To Take?

Some people are uncomfortable taking anything that is no prescribed by a traditional doctor. This is understandable, with the health care changing so quickly. It can be difficult to keep up with the trends and recommendations of doctors.

Using herbs does not have to be in the form of a pill or capsule. A simple herbal bath or foot soak, can help relieve a stress headache, while you remain medicine free. Instead of thinking of the herbs as medicine, think of them as supporting your overall health. Incorporate them into your everyday life in as many ways as possible. You may find, like many others, that the simple scent of fresh herbs can result in lowering your stress level and making you feel better. Some simple ways to bring herbal healing to your life, without ingesting them are:

What About Herbs For The Skin?

Creating and using herbal products on the skin does take some thought. Your skin is the largest organ of the body, and it does absorb herbs, so caution has to be taken that you do not mix any herbs that are potentially dangerous into your recipe.

Although there are herbs that should be avoided, there are plenty more that are safe and commonly available in most areas. When making salves and other herbal products for the skin, remember that not only should the herbs be gentle and safe, the rest of the ingredients should also be skin safe.

Use skin friendly oils that don't contain petroleum, and fresh, clean beeswax as a thickener. Look around some of the soap supply companies, for more information on skin safe ingredients.

What Are Some Simple Herbal Remedies That Work?

It can seem overwhelming, thinking of and hearing about all the types of herbs that can be used. The main thing, is to start small. I often tell moms who want to begin their herbal journey, to find three herbs that you feel comfortable identifying. A great start would be herbs that are often sold as teas. One could grow mints for the rest of their lives, and never run out of varieties.

Start making your own simple teas. A cup of chamomile has been shown to reduce stress, help relieve cold symptoms, and (from personal experience) has been proven to open the door to exceptional conversation. All of these things lead to a reduction of stress and an increase of feelings of relaxation and good will. As I often say, it isn't only the symptoms we feel that are making us ill, it is also the symptoms we hide that do damage.

Once you become used to growing and using your own simple tea herbs, find a great herbal remedies book, a few herbal identification books, and start searching for herbalists who share their knowledge. It may not be your desire to become an herbalist, but learning about your own health and some simple ways to improve your lifestyle, is a powerful thing that we can all do. Here are a few more links that may be of interest:

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