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Preserving The Herbs That You Grow

Growing herbs is one thing, preserving them is the perfect way to enjoy your hard work all year round. Here are tips and ideas for drying, freezing, seed storage and wintering over your precious herbs. It is easier than you think!

What Herbs Should Go To College With Your Child
When you child goes off to college for the first time, what are the herbals that would be most useful? Check out this list!

Are Herbs Dangerous To Use At Home?
Are herbs dangerous to use at home?

Remove Leaves From Stem
How to use a food dehydrator to dry herbs for storage.

5 More Essential Herbal Kitchen Items
5 more essential herbal kitchen items, for making herbal remedies

Top 5 Herbal Healing Books
5 Must have books for learning about herbal healing.

Uses For Mullein
Mullein is an emollient herb, good for cough and cold formulas

How To Harvest Wild Herbs
The art of ethical wildcrafting

Drying All Parts Of The Herb
The most common way to preserve herbs is to dry them. Here are some tips on how to dry the herbal harvest.

A Reader Asks: Why Do Herbalists Thank The Plants Before They Harvest?
Why do herbalists thank the plants before they harvest them? Have you ever read or heard an herbalist tell you that in order to harvest a plant, you must sit with it and wait for the plant to speak? How about showing respect so that the earth will allow you to harvest in a particular area? These are all believes that I think are related to the same thing; being present in the moment.

5 Herbals To Have In Your Herbal Flu Kit
5 herbals for your family flu kit. These 5 herbals are useful and soothing for those times when everyone seems to be suffering from the flu.

What Is The Correct Time Of Year To Harvest My Herbs?
How to harvest each part of any herb.

Top 5 Herbs For Making Skin Creams
Making creams and lotions is a great way to use your herbs. Here are 5 herbs that work well to soothe the skin and not cause irritation.

Keep Dill Fresh All Winter
How to keep dill fresh for the entire winter. how to

Drying Herbs in Time
Beware of how long it takes from harvest to drying herbs. They can decay fast.

Drying Your Herbal Harvest
After all the work of growing perfect herbs, it would be a shame to waste any. Drying herbs is a great way to keep them fresh tasting and lovely all the year long. Here are a few ways to dry your herbs properly.

Dry Herbs
Once your herbs have been harvested, you will need to dry them. Here are some ways to dry herbs.

Drying Herbs For Crafts
If you are not going to be ingesting herbs that you are drying, there are methods that work very well to preserve your harvest. Check out these ways of keeping your herbs looking alive and fresh.

Preserving Herbs With Glycerin
For crafting, you can preserve some herbs with glycerin. Here is an easy method that involves very little work but lots of time. Take a look!

5 Herbs For Savory Jellies
5 Herbs for savory herbal jellies.

Freezing Herbs for Storage
From our Gardening guide, simple tips to freeze your herbs. Clear and concise, this is a must have link to learn how to preserve what you grow.

Tips For Buying An Herb Dehydrator
Tips when buying a used dehydrator

Why Use Herbal Body Care
Why make your own herbal body care products? What makes them appealing to so many people, and how can one go about making their own herbal things? Learn how to make many herbal care products and why they are best for your skin.

My Favorite Dehydrator
What is your favorite dehydrator for drying herbs?

Can I Dry Different Types Of Herbs Together At The Same Time?
Can Different Varieties of Herbs Be Dried Together

Herbs For Sweet Jellies
5 herbs that taste great in sweet jellies.

Video - How to Freeze Herbs
Here is a video showing how to preserve your herbs by freezing and drying. Watch and see how to prepare your bounty for winter storage. Great video!

Herbs for hot infusions
Herbs for hot infusions

5 Herbs For Making Glycerine Tinctures

Child Friendly Herbs

Herbs For Making Muscle Rubs
A good old fashioned muscle rub includes many common herbs.

Make Quick and Easy Herbal Water
recipe for fresh herbal water.

6 Herbs For Healing Soups
Herbs to help boost immunity that can be used in soups. Healing foods!

Homemade Ginger Beer

Using Herbs to Stay Healthy
Adding herbal health to your life.

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