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Hollyhock - What is hollyhock used for




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Hollyhock is a beautiful herb for your landscape, with the benefit of offering edible flowers and medicinal properties.

Latin Name:

Alcea rosea

Common Name:


USDA Hardiness Zone:

Zone 3-9


Full sun, but hollyhock is very forgiving. Try it in your less than sunny spot and see how it does.


Hand pick leaves and flowers, roots are dug in early fall.


Hollyhock is at home in any herbal garden. It's delicate,yet towering height is a real show stopper. Expect 8 foot tall plants, loaded with large flowers ranging from pinks and reds to whites and yellows. What makes them so interesting, is the difference in colors you see as they cross pollinate and come back again.

If growing for medicinal use, think of Hollyhock as you do marsh mallow. Use the flowers in a tea, for soothing mucous membranes like a sore throat, mouth rinse for canker sores, and gastrointestinal issues.

Use leaves, flowers and roots.

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