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What Medicinal Herbs Taste Good In Salad

Top 10 Salad Herbs


With so many of us including salads in our diet, it is a no brainer to add the medicinal benefits of herbs to the mix. Here are the top 10 herbs that bring a medicinal quality and yet still taste great. 

1. Alfalfa

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Alfalfa is all about nutrition. High in vitamins and minerals, alfalfa is a natural addition to a fantastic salad.

2. Basil

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The spicy flavor or basil will taste wonderful in your salads. Medcinally, Basil is good for digestive health.

3. Borage

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Not only lovely as an ornamental addition, borage is great for skin problems. Add the blossoms and leaves to your salads.

4. Parsley

Curled Parsley
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Parsley is almost a no brainer. It is a fresh tasting herb, that brings the brightness and slight bitterness that salads benefit from. Parsley is also good for digestive function, so add it for taste, then enjoy the health benefit! 

5. Dandelion

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Have you seen my list of reasons for loving dandelion? Add salad herb to the list. Dandelion is good for skin problems and real help comes from adding it to your diet. Dandelion greens are slightly bitter, so add them with that in mind. 

6. Chicory

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Chicory needs to have more attention! It is great for the liver and urinary tract. Chicory blossoms are lovely added to your salads. 

7. Marsh mallow

Marsh mallow
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Marsh mallow is such a pretty herb that it is easy to forget the medicinal qualities. Add marsh mallow to your salads for soothing intestinal issues.

8. Hollyhock

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Hollyhock is such a stunning herb. Add the flowers to your salads and help soothe intestinal problems. 

9. Violets

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Violets are so delicate that most of us never notice how prolifically they grow in yards. If you feel inspired to pick them, they are certainly worth the effort. Violets support cardiovascular health, and are soothing for mucous membranes. Don't forget how pretty these littel babies will be in your salads!

10. Plantain

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Plantain is good for intestinal issues. Use it sparingly in your salads for a pleasant, bitter flavor. 

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