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Herbal Allies During Natural Disasters

What Herbs Are Useful During Natural Disasters


Herbal help during natural disasters, is more than herbal first aid (although that is a primary use). For the home herbalist, consider keeping herbal remedies on hand that address other issues, such as illness brought on by stress, cold, excess heat, dehydration, hunger, fear, hopelessness and other symptoms that are bound to be related.

The following are herbal remedies and single herbs, that can become you allies during these stressful events. Try to keep as many as possible, and consider the usage; you may have something that makes a perfect substitute for something listed here.

1. Chamomile

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First and foremost, waiting is the hardest part. Now that we can predict storms and disasters hours or days ahead of the event, by the time that a problem arrives, our nerves have been frazzled with worry for extended periods of time.

Why not let Chamomile help? Keep plenty of chamomile on hand for calming everyone-it is safe for young children all the way to the elderly, and who doesn't like the naturally apple like flavor?

If losing power is a possibility, make some chamomile tea ahead of time. It is fragrant and delicious both hot or cold. No one would object.

Chamomile also soothes an upset stomach, another symptom of stressful experiences. Chamomile helps soothe irritated eyes and skin, great for calming the body inside and out, this delicate flower makes the number 1 spot on the list.

2. Fire Tonic

Tincture making
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Let's face it; sometimes we just need a shot of something bracing in times of high stress. No, not alcohol; how about something that will snap you back into the moment and even offer a burst of immune support? Try this Fire Tonic, and see if that helps keep you centered.

High stress also weakens the immune system. Getting a cold or becoming sicker during an extended natural disaster is not uncommon. At the first sign of a cold symptom, administer this fiery brew. This is not a remedy for children, or anyone who doesn't understand that it is going to be intense. Please use responsibly.

Finally, cooking over a camp stove while the power is out, can become extremely boring. A shot of this vinegar and heat based remedy, added to your stew or soup, will make everyone's taste buds sing. Try it for yourself! Delicious. In our home, we pass the bottle, and let everyone add what they can handle. It's a nice change from the usual.

3. Lavender

Lavender in bloom
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Lavender has so many uses, many of them in the soothing and relaxing realm. Why not gather a supply of lavender flowers, for times of stress, like a natural disaster? The flowers keep their fragrance all year, and are pretty inexpensive to purchase. Use them in simple eye pillows, for stress induces symptoms like sleeplessness and headaches, simple relaxation and restlessness.

A simple trick for disaster prep, is to dry some blankets, special lovey toys that your children might have, some clothing, towels, in a dryer that contains a little bag of dried lavender flowers. That soothing scent will be welcome when you are covering someone up with a lavender scented blanket, or offering your child his or her favorite lovey that also contains the relaxing scent.

4. Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm
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Lemon balm makes this list for many reasons. The top one being it's ability to soothe and uplift at the same time. The bright, lemony flavor both calms and brings a sense of well being when enjoyed as a tea. It is a great way to help become centered, during times of great stress and crisis.

Lemon balm is also a proven remedy for the stress or trama induced herpes virus.

It is has been shown to reduce the severity and number of outbreaks one has, making it useful during times of disaster.

5. A Soothing Herbal Tea Blend

Tea Cup
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A wonderful herbal to have on hand is so simple that many of us never think of it: how about mixing up an herbal tea blend? Try one that includes soothing, tasty herbs, so everyone can enjoy the flavor and the relaxation that results. Some of my favorite herbal tea blends are delicious and tend to be very relaxing. As a mother of 5 kids, this probably comes as no surprise.

Have some of the more familiar herb teas that you family drinks. Times of stress, like an extended power outage during a natural disaster, might not be the best time to get your family to try something new.

Some herbal blends that are delicious and easy to make up are:

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