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5 Herbalist To Know

What Herbalists Share Their Knowledge Online?


The internet is a wonderful way to learn about herbs and their uses. What makes it even more special, is the connection that can easily be made with many herbalists from all over the world.

Here are 5 herbalists that have a passion for their craft, but more than that; they have a passion for sharing their knowledge with others. Enjoy!

1. Jim Mcdonald

Jim McDonald
© Herbcraft.org

It could be that I am drawn to Jim McDonald because he came to herbalism the same way that I did. He speaks of finding a book on herbs and that was his gateway to lifelong learning. Jim is clearly very connected with herbs, and he is a wonderful teacher.

I do think that he is on top of my list of herbalists to know, because he is such an approachable personality. Jim is often the voice of herbal reason, when herbal conversations begin to drift off into speculation. He can gently redirect with either his own experience, or that of someone who knows more on the subject. Over the years, I have seen him do this again and again. To find out more about Jim McDonald, here are some links:

2. Kiva Ringtail Rose

Kiva Ringtail Rose
© bearmedicineherbals.com

Kiva is an amazing herbalist that lives close to the very herbs that she shares. Her writing, artwork and photography are all signs of her creative nature, perfect for bringing the joy of herbalism to all.

There is so much to this woman. Her teachings are rich with experience and they are always important lessons for the beginning as well as more experienced herbalist. She offers a home study course, and a website so full of herbal thoughts, it would take a lifetime to indulge in every page.

Finally, if your interest is peaked about this beautiful soul, Kiva is also the Editor of Plant Healer Magazine, a must have herbal publication. Hopefully, you will seek out Kiva

3. Henriette Kress

Henriette Kress
© Henriette Kress

Henriette Kress is an herbalist that I was was drawn to, without even knowing how incredibly knowledgeable she was. She often participates in herbal email lists, sharing her thoughts and information in a friendly, approachable way.

She is also a fabulous writer. It is incredible, how much information she knows about a wide variety of herbs. You might think you know an herb until you see what Henriette has to say about it. Her website is huge, with herbal FAQ, lore, image galleries and so much more. You can also find a link to her latest book, right at the site.

The fact that she has a great sense of humor is just icing on the cake. Henriette is truly a fun and helpful herbalist.

4. 7Song

© Northeast School of Botanical Medicine

7song is an amazing healer as well as herbal teacher. He shares so much of his time; running a free clinic in upstate NY, traveling and speaking all over the country, and shares his real life healing experiences/challenges. Simply reading his posts on Facebook, brings a realism to the thought process of working with herbs in a clinical setting.

Meeting 7song is on my bucket list. I suppose the fact that he talks about the herbs where I grew up makes his style so appealing to me. Please take a moment and get to know this wonderful herbalist.

5. Matthew Wood

Matthew Wood
© Sunnyfield Herb Field

Matthew Wood is a rich storyteller. He uses his writing talent, to share just how much someone can know about herbalism. I love reading anything he writes, as it speaks to his passion for plants, and this makes ME passionate! What a wonderful resource he is.

He has written numerous books on herbs, all from an herbal practitioner's point of view. It is one thing to *discuss* thoughts on herbs, but quite another to actually see his observations as a practitioner of the herbal craft.

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