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What is Goldenrod Used For




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Goldenrod is a lovely herb, often found in ditches and along quiet country roads. This herb is often wrongly blamed as the cause of allergies, because it blooms at the same time as Ragweed(the true culprit).

Goldenrod is used for many herbal preparations, and is an important part of your herbal medicine chest.

Latin Name:


Common Name:


USDA Hardiness Zone:

3 - 9


Full Sun


Aerial parts, snip when needed.


Goldenrod is an often misrepresented and overlooked wild herb. It is usually blamed for late summer and early fall allergies, but the truth is, Goldenrod blooms at the same time as the real culprit: Ragweed.

Goldenrod is found virtually everywhere in the US. It is often seen along country roads and disturbed places. Ditches along the highway seem especially well suited for luxurious late summer growth. From a wildcrafting standpoint, the stands of Goldenrod next to a busy road are not the cleanest ones to harvest from. Try finding some out of the way growth on a quiet country road.

Used medicinally for respiratory and kidney issues, goldenrod works well tinctured and made into a medicinal honey. Of course, a tea can be made, this benign tasting herb can be livened up with other soothing herbs to make it more palatable. Some choices would be chamomile and rose petals, lavender and a squeeze of lemon.

Goldenrod is considered an expectorant, and soothing to inflamed tissues. This easy to find herb should be gathered before the flowers start to die back, as you will end up with plenty of fluff and no actual petals. After picking Goldenrod too late, you may find that the flowers turn to fluff as the plant dries. This can be avoided by cutting any aerial parts as soon as the flowers bloom.

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