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Red Raspberry Leaves - Better Than Berries


Red Raspberry Leaves - Better Than Berries Photo © Flickr user Daniel Dainty


Wild red raspberry leaves are a tasty and nutritive herb. Red raspberry fruits are a familiar treat for every child who has had the chance to walk in the country on a hot summer's day. The leaves are flavorful and abundant, picked from early summer until fall and simply dried until they crumble. The resulting product is used for a delicious tea, either hot or iced, tinctured for diarrhea and a supportive herb for a woman's reproductive system.

Latin Name:

Rubus idaeus

Common Name:

Raspberry leaves

USDA Hardiness Zone:

Found everywhere in North America


Full sun, moist soil


Pick leaves any time they are large enough. Allow them to dry thoroughly and crumble. Store out of sunlight


Red Raspberry bushes require a little planning since they will not be moved once placed in the ground. Take the time to find an area that could become full of the sprawling , prickly canes of the raspberry bush. With proper care, raspberry bushes will grow to be at least 6 feet high. Pruning your raspberry bush is essential for a healthy plant. You must keep the bush trimmed in order for it to provide the most leaves for you to harvest.

Another idea would be to harvest your own red raspberry leaves from the wild bushes that are found on old country trails and along streams and woods. You can pick as many leaves as you can carry without making much of a dent in a wild berry patch. These leaves will shrivel to a much smaller amount so always pick more than you think you will need.

Red raspberry leaves are a wonderfully soothing and healing remedy for a canker sore. Moisten a teaspoon of red raspberry leaves with warm water until they make a soft clump. Place these moistened leaves onto the canker and hold it there as long as you can. This remedy will soothe the area and by the next day you may find that it is almost healed! This is a tried and true remedy in our home.

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