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Jewelweed - Remedy For Poison Ivy


Jewelweed - Remedy For Poison Ivy


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Jewelweed is a wonderful remedy for poison ivy. It is also useful for any skin irritations, but the fresh juice or tincture is always needed. Jewelweed is also a great way to get kids interested in herbs, as it has the unique trait of exploding pods that burst apart when touched. Fun!

Latin Name:

Impatiens noli-tangere or I. capensis

Common Name:

Jewelweed or Touch-me-not

USDA Hardiness Zone:

Zone 4 - 10


Grows well in moist, rich conditions. Sun or shade will both produce beautiful flowers. Usually found near streams and rivers in naturally moist, dappled sun locations in its natural habitat.


Pick the flowers and juicy stems to mash and rub onto poison ivy or any offending skin rash. This plant loses it's effectiveness when dried.


Jewelweed is a wonderful herb to get to know. Found all over most of the US, except in the very arid Southwest, jewelweed is a unique and important find for your herbal medicine chest. It is often found growing near poison ivy, which is beneficial, since it is an effective remedy if rubbed over the affected area.

The only drawback to using jewelweed on poison ivy is that the fresh juice from the flowers and juicy stems is needed. If you find that you are plagued by poison ivy regularly, simply blend up the parts you need and freeze in ice cube trays for later use. These frozen cubes of relief will be very welcome on any rash.

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