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Which Household Herbs Will Get Me High?


Question: Which Household Herbs Will Get Me High?
I have received many emails asking if there are any household herbs that can make a person high or achieve an altered state of consciousness.

If you are asking as a potential user or a parent of someone who may want to use, it is important to know what household herbs can make a a person high. Although anything has the potential to be misused, there are some common household seasonings that can produce an altered state.

Nutmeg - ingesting a large quantity of this seasoning will produce what drug users refer to as a bad trip, or an altered state that is uncomfortable and exhausting. It is not recommended by either those who use drugs, nor those that do not. Because heart palpatations, vision disturbances,heavy sweating and extreme exhaustion are the results of its misuse, nutmeg is better left in the kitchen.

Salvia - There is a variety of salvia, known as Salvia divinorum, that has found underground noteriety because of its effects and the fact that for now, it is legal. This beautiful plant was originally used for religious ceremonies by a very select few. By bringing it mainstream, concentrating, and misusing it, the herb is no longer considered harmless and should be noted.

There are many myths about household food and seasonings that seem to continue through the years. The following items have all been said to cause some sort of reaction when misused. The truth is, the only reaction is a headache and/or nausea.

You can create blend basic herbs to make your own herbal smoking mixtures. These mixtures offer no *high*, so to speak, but they can be relaxing and are a great alternative to tobacco. For more on herbal smoking mixtures, see: Herbal Smoking Mixtures

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