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Why Make Tincture Using Vinegar Instead Of Alcohol

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In your herbal medicine chest, vinegar tinctures have a definite place. When most people think of tincture, they assume that it is made with alcohol. A nice alternative is to use vinegar instead.

Vinegar tinctures can be used the same as traditional alcohol tinctures. They are a nice alternative for people who would like to avoid alcohol and for children. Making them in vinegar also means that they can easily be added to your food.

Vinegar tinctures are made exactly the same as alcohol based tinctures, with a few differences.

  • They have a shelf life - Vinegar tinctures have a definite shelf life of 1 year. After that, they still taste great but may have reduced medicinal effect.
  • Can not be made from white vinegar - Because white vinegar is processed with chemicals that you do not want in your body, please use raw apple cider vinegar, raw if possible or infused with the natural mother.
  • Make vinegar tinctures with dry herbs - Because vinegar does not have the long lasting preservative quality of alcohol, do not add water to the mix, this includes the water found in fresh herbs. Start with dried herbs for the best outcome.

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