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Medicinal Herbs

Healing with herbs is an old tradition that most of us are aware of but not all of us use. Here you will find some gentle herbs that can take the sting out of simple bug bites or soothe a aching stomach. Easy to grow, these herbs will be well worth the effort.

What are 5 Essentials For Harvesting Herbs?
5 essentials for a proper herbal harvest.

What are the two methods of tincturing herbs?
Different ways to tincture herbs

How to Choose Which Herbs to Study
How to choose which herbs are the best for a beginning herbalist to study

Osha Root
Osha Root profile

Growing and Using Oregon Grape
All about oregon grape.

My Best Online Herbal Classes
Online herbal classes come and go, but the best ones seem to grow better every year.

Are Herbal Capsules Safe?
All about making and taking herbal capsules.

What Are Herbal Actions?
Herbal actions that make learning about herbs easier to understand.

Herbs To Help With Dandruff
Hair care for dandruff

Rosemary - For Rememberance
Rosemary is a delicious and beautiful herb. You can find many varieties to fit your need: upright and trailing. Use them interchangeably and even grow multiple varieties as each is distinctly different looking. I use trailing varieties for my herb standards. I braid three stems and use those as the main stem. It gives a more decorative look to my finished standard.

Herbal Allies During Natural Disasters
Herbal allies during a natural disaster.

How To Grow and Uses For The Herb Comfrey
Comfrey is easy to grow and makes a beautiful ornamental herb. It is also useful medicinally and nutritionally for livestock.

Who Has the Right Herbal Information?
Choosing what herbal information is the right information for you.

How to Hear What Plants Are Saying
Learning to listen to herbs as part of your herbal training

How To Grow Melaleuca, or Tea Tree
How to grow and use the Melaleuca, or Tea Tree.

Herbs for an Herbal Footbath
Herbs to soothe tired and aching feet.

Growing and Using Horseradish
How to grow and use horseradish from the garden

How To Grow and Use Motherwort
Motherwort has a rich history of use by women, especially after childbirth.

Where To Buy Herb Plants Online
Online websites that ship live herbs

5 Herbalist To Know
There is a plethora of herbal information online. Here are some herbalists that are fantastic teachers, as well as gracious enough to offer their knowledge to anyone interested in learning.

What is herbal intuition, and how it plays a role in health.
What is herbal intuition, and how it plays a role in health.

5 Best Herbs For Cold And Flu Season
5 best herbs for making plant medicine during cold and flu season.

5 Herbs To Grow For Their Roots
What herbs are grown for the root harvest.

10 Herbs To Make Cough Syrups
What herbs are used for making your own cough syrup at home. Use any of these easy to find herbs, and make an herbal syrup that is not only tasty, but will help calm that cough.

Burdock - What Is Burdock
Burdock is a useful and nourishing herb for any herb garden. Get to know burdock and all its uses here.

What Medicinal Herbs Taste Good In Salad
Top 10 herbs for medicinal salads

Make Tinctures From Vinegar Instead Of Alcohol
How to make a tincture with vinegar instead of alcohol.

What Herbs Are Used For Vinegar Tinctures
What herbs are best used for vinegar tinctures?

Why Make Tincture Using Vinegar Instead Of Alcohol
Why make tinctures with vinegar instead of alcohol

Alfalfa - What is alfalfa used for?
What is alfalfa used for?

Hollyhock - What is hollyhock used for

What is Feverfew?
Resembling chamomile, feverfew is a well known remedy for migraine headaches. It is also a lovely addition to your decorative herb gardens.

Tansy - What is Tansy used for?
Tansy has been recorded as early as the middle ages when it was used as a strewing herb.

Jewelweed - Remedy For Poison Ivy
Jewelweed is the perfect remedy for all sorts of skin irritations, especially poison ivy. Learn how to prepare this handy herb for any future outbreaks you may have.

How To Identify Dandelion
With over 150 different related species to the common dandelion, how do you know what a true dandelion looks like?

Marsh mallow - Soothing, Tasty Herb
Marsh mallow is a useful, soothing herb, with many uses. Find out how to incorporate marsh mallow into your herb garden for beauty and medicinal value.

What Herbs Fight Colds and Flu?
These herbs are easy to find and make great cold and flu fighters. By no means exhaustive, try to find some of these herbal powerhouses for the next time you need some herbal support. In no particular order, here are 5 herbs that are useful for cold and flu season.

Elderberry is a delicious wild berry, proven to be useful for fighting flu. It can be made into a tincture, tea, syrup or other tasty remedy.

Cleavers - What are Cleavers?
Cleavers are found in woods and along streams. It is a viney sort of wildflower, often found growing in a thick, slightly prickly mat. With its tiny white flowers and clingy habit, cleavers is often overlooked for the helpful herb that it is.

Slippery Elm - What is Slippery Elm?
Slippery Elm is used for a wide array of herbal remedies. It is a nutritious and soothing ingredient for throat and cold recipes, an important ingredient for IBS sufferers and much more.

Plantain is a common herb that has many surprising uses.

Make An Herbal Poultice
How to make a fresh poultice to heal a bite or soothe an inflamation.

Uses For Mullein
Mullein is an emollient herb, good for cough and cold formulas

Echinacea is a well known herb. It is used for healing as well as a stunning border accent.

Dandelion deserves a place of honor in any herb lover's garden. Every part of the plant is useful. It is well worth a closer look.

Red Clover - What Medicianl Use Does Red Clover Offer?
Red clover is found virtually everywhere that there is adequate moisture and light. It is an exceptional tonic herb and delicious medicinal for women and children.

Shepherd's Purse - What is Shepherd's Purse?
Shepherd's purse is a common herb, found across North America. You may have seen it in overgrown lots and country roads. Its unassuming nature hides its important benefit to the herbal world.

Nettles - Stinging Nettles
The nettle is a medicinal powerhouse of nutrients. They are also perfectly at home in the cook's kitchen. Often misunderstood, nettles should be reconsidered as a healthy addition to your cooking and herbal medicine chest.

Lemon Balm - Herb Tea Essential
Lemon balm is an herb tea essential. The lemony flavor blends well with many herbs. Lemon balm makes even the most bitter medicinal tea palatable.

Red Raspberry Leaves - Better Than Berries
Red raspberry leaves are a staple in herbal tea making. They are easy to grow, easy to find and delicious! Find red raspberry leaves in the wild or grow a bush yourself. Here are some other ideas for this soothing, nutritive herb.

Lavender - The Herb of Love
Long revered in literature as a herb of love, Lavender is a key ingredient in soaps and shampoos, sachets, perfumes and seasonings. This beautiful herb is known for its gentle effectiveness for everyone. The fragrance is classic and recognizable.

Sage - The Throat Herb
Although best known as an ingredient in poultry stuffing, Sage has been used medicinally for thousands of years. In the Middle ages, Sage was thought to promote longevity. One legend says its healing comes directly from the Virgin Mary.

Chamomile - The Gentle Herb
Chamomile is associated with sleeping and babies for a good reason. Its delicate taste and soothing work both inside and out of the body. Chamomile teas leave us relaxed, rashes are calmed and babies rest. Try growing chamomile in your garden for a multi purpose herb that is beautiful as well as healing.

Calendula - Royal Potted Gold
Calendula should be included in any herb gardener's list of must haves. It is useful to the dyer, cook, healer and color enthusiast, as calendula has qualities that everyone is looking for. It brings cheerful good looks and an easy growth habit to every garden.

Which Household Herbs Will Get Me High?
There are many misconceptions about drug use and household herbs. Find out more about getting high using household herbs.

Expecting Mama - Tea For Women
A delicious tea that includes herbs known for their nutritious qualities

Red raspberry leaf tea safe during pregnancy?
Is red raspberry leaf tea safe to drink during pregnancy?

Do you drink red raspberry tea during pregnancy?
Did you drink red raspberry leaf tea during pregnancy?

What Herbs Repel Pests In The Home?
These herbs help repel pests in the home

What is Goldenrod Used For
Goldenrod is a commonly seen herb, growing along many roads and ditches. It is useful for the herbal medicine chest.

How Are Herbs Used Topically
There are many ways that herbs are used in topical applications.

Horehound - How To Grow Horehound
Horehound - How To Grow Horehound

Evening Primrose - How to Grow Evening Primrose
Evening Primrose is a lovely herb that offer many benefits to women.

Betony - Stachys officinalis
All about Betony - Stachys officinalis

Astragalus - What is Astragalus
Astragalus is an important herb for supporting the immune system. Learn all about astragalus here.

5 Best Herbs For An Herbal Salve
5 best herbs for an soothing herbal salve. Here is a list of the 5 best herbs to make an herbal salve.

Yarrow - What Is Yarrow
Yarrow - What is yarrow and how it is useful in medicinal and ornamental herb gardens.

How To Grow and Use Elecampane
How to grow and use the herb Elecampane.

Am I Allergic To Goldenrod?
During the late summer and early fall, my allergies are very bad. I see tons of goldenrod blooming at the same time. Am I allergic to goldenrod? If so, what can I do about it?

4 Herbal Trees to Know
4 Herbal trees and their uses

How To Grow and Use Gayfeather
How to grow and use gayfeather.

How To Begin Using Herbs In My Life
How to begin using herbs in your everyday life.

Dangerous Herbs Continued
More herbs that are dangerous if misused.

5 More Herbs That Are Dangerous If Misused
5 more herbs that are dangerous if misused.

5 More Herbs That Can Be Dangerous
5 more herbs that are dangerous if used incorrectly

10 Forms of Herbal Preparations
10 forms of herbal preparations for the home herbalist.

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