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What Supplies Do I Need To Grow Indoors?

Top 5 Indoor Garden Supplies


Growing indoors is a great way to extend the herb garden all year. Even with an outdoor space, growing on your countertop, keeps the herbs at your fingertips and you will use them more often. Here are some supplies that you will need for growing indoors.

1. Grow Lights

Indoor herb garden light
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Even the sunniest window probably isn't going to provide the optimal lighting for your indoor gardens. In fact, providing artificial lighting is not only good for your herbs, it is also great for you! If you are no longer tied to the proximity of a window, your gardens can be larger, tucked away out of sight, and most of all, moveable! In my book, that makes a plant light or two, worth every penny.

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2. Growing Medium

Indoor Growing Medium
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The proper growing medium for hydroponic or indoor gardens is essential for optimal harvest. Check out this list of different varieties of growing medium, and find the right one for your indoor garden setup.

This is not usually something that your garden center will carry in their brick and mortar shop, so buying online is the way to go.

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3. Indoor Garden Fertilizer

Indoor Garden Fertilizers
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Like any garden, growing indoors will also require regular plant maintenance. This means a regular fertilizer schedule. The fertilizers that are used in this type of garden, are different from the ones you use in traditional soil gardens. Check out the selection of fertilizers for every type of indoor garden.

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4. Containers

Indoor Garden Containers
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There is more to gardening indoors, than simply putting an herb on the windowsill. Some people like the idea of a few pots in the kitchen, but others like to ramp it up, and grow a large garden all winter long.

There are more indoor garden setups than can be covered in one article, but this one is a great start. Look for a great warranty, customer feedback, and the history of the business you are buying from.

A proper indoor garden of any size is a true investment. It will provide you with year round herbs for many years, but needs to be care for properly. A company that stands by it's product and will continue to help their customers, is a must have.

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5. Books

Hydroponic Food Production
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Books are the backbone to any successful indoor gardening endeavor. There are many books that are older, or don't directly relate to the garden you are designing, however they offer insight into the do's and don'ts that many gardeners before you have learned.

It is a good idea to collect a wide range of indoor garden books, and glean a bit of information from each one. I have books that are falling apart with age, up to a year ago publications. Many of them offer a single chapter that pertains to my herbs, but it is enough for me to keep learning the best and latest techniques for continuing my love of herb gardening no matter what time of year it is.

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6. Complete Indoor Garden System

Fully Automated Herb Garden System
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If all of the compiling and organizing seems too much, why not invest in a complete indoor garden system? Use something that comes with all the lighting, directions and timing, for you to grow the most beautiful herbal harvest ever.

This is an investment, but it is a sound one. You buy one garden system, and grow your fresh herbs every day of the year. Perfect!

This system is fully automated, for the perfect conditions. Your plants will never become stressed or forgotten. The automation does it all for you.

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