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What Are The Top 5 Indoor Herb Garden Kits

Where Can I Buy Indoor Herb Garden Kits?


What could be easier than growing your herbs on the counter all winter? It gets easier, when you buy an herb garden kit! Choose the type that fits best with your garden personality. Do you need a complete kit that only needs to be plugged in? How about an indoor grow light that accommodates your prettiest herb pots?

In no particular order, here are 5 Herb Garden Kits that include everything you need to get started.

Did I miss your favorite? Send me an email, and let me know!

1. Aerogarden

Aerogarden Herb Garden Kit
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Perhaps one of the most well known indoor herb garden kits, the Aerogarden has something for any size kitchen or desktop. I have purchased two of these so far, and one has run continuously for over 2 years.

These are self contained - You just add water and the included fertilizer. Your garden will definitely grow and grow very well. Every 6 months, your lights will need replacing, but this coincides with the length of life that the herb plugs have, so simply order more of both at the same time. Aerogarden also offers really great deals all the time. They have a discontinued section, where last season's styles and colors can be purchased for less than 1/2 the normal retail price. I bought both of my units (6 plugs) for less than $40.00 each.

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2. Tabletop Garden Light

Tabletop Sunlite Garden
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If you have your herbs in pots, you could use a grow light that can accommodate multiple herbs at one time. You simply place this where you want to grow indoor herbs, and turn on the light. The top is adjustable to be as tall or short as you need, and there are multiple sizes available.

This style is nice, if you have pretty herb pots that you don't want to cover up. I prefer this type of garden as a display in a living room or sitting room. It is just that pretty.

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3. Indoor Herb Tea Garden

Indoor Herb Tea Garden
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No indoor gardener's stash is complete, without an herb tea garden! If you have the grow lights, this kit will supply you with all the delicious tea you can drink.

If buying lights for this tiered style garden, be certain that the height of the lights is tall enough to accommodate the height of the garden.

A tiered style like this is great for indoor grow lights, but can also be grown in a sunny window. It does have to be turned 1/4 turn every day, to keep all sides of the garden growing evenly.

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4. Earthbox Mini Garden Kit

Earthbox Mini Herb Garden
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The Earthbox garden has always been foolproof in my yard. I got my first one in 2008, and it is still going strong. Every year, I simply refill and replant, for a gorgeous and almost maintenance free garden.

Imagine how excited I was, to see that Earthbox has jumped into the indoor garden arena. This Mini Garden Kit will keep your herbs growing flat against a wall, in separate pockets. This space saving design will keep your counters free, and still keep the herbs close at hand. I LOVE this idea!

5. Herb Garden In A Pail

Herb Garden In A Pail
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You add the water and a grow light, the rest is included in this cute little galvanized steel pail. I have had one of these since 2008, and it has been a cute way to keep the kids interested in gardening all year.

I love it for the simplicity: Just add water. The rest of the work is done for you. The seeds and growing medium is included, and since it is from the garden company The Potting Shed, I know it is going to be the highest quality. Check them out and let me know what you think!

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