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Seven Keys For A Successful Indoor Herb Garden

How To Grow A Healthy Indoor Herb Garden


Growing herbs indoors is an easy and rewarding hobby. From a few plants on a windowsill, to a complete indoor lighting and watering setup, growing herbs is fun! Here are 7 top areas that have to be addressed to grow a healthy garden indoors.

1. Light

Grow Light
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Keep herbs healthy by providing 14 to 16 hours of artificial light, or 6 hours of natural light a day.

2. Temperature

Keep indoor garden temperatures fairly constant, between 60 and 70 degrees is optimal.

3. Air Circulation

Herbs need to have proper airflow to keep bacteria and pests at bay. Be sure to keep the air moving in the room that contains your indoor herb garden.

4. Soil

Indoor gardening soil has to be light and have exceptional drainage. No matter if your herb likes extra moisture or dry conditions, sitting in water is never good. Buy potting soil specifically, or make your own using 1 part bagged potting soil, 1 part sand and 1 part peat moss.

5. Fertilizer

Indoor herbs require a a different fertilization schedule than those grown in an outdoor environment.

6. Water

Indoor herb gardens require careful attention to watering, no matter if your herb likes extra moisture or drier conditions, a plant sitting in water is never good.

7. Pests

Although herbs are not bothered as much as vegetables and flowers can be, in an indoor garden, the artificial conditions can increase your pest problem. To prevent pests from ruining your indoor garden, keep a close eye on your plants and use a soapy spray at the first sign of infestation. Handpick any pests that you see and provide sticky traps to control the rest.
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