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When To Start Herbs From Seed

Planting Date For Herb Seeds


Starting herbs from seed is probably the most frugal way to begin gardening. It is also a great way to try out many herbs that would be too costly to buy as plants. For the same price as one herb seedling, you can often purchase multiple seed packets.

The important thing to remember when starting herbs from seed is when you should actually germinate them. Here is a list of common herbs, and how many weeks before or after the last frost date you should be planting them.

Starting Herb Seeds Indoors

How Many Weeks Before Last Frost To Start Seeds
Basil6 to 8 wks before last frost
BorageDirect seed after last frost
Chives8 wks before last frost
CilantroDirect seed after last frost
DillDirect seed after last frost
Fennel4 to 6 wks before last frost
Lemon Balm6 to 10 wks before last frost
Oregano6 to 10 wks before last frost
Rosemary8 to 10 wks before last frost
Sage6 to 10 wks before last frost
Thyme6 to 10 wks before last frost
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