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Fertilize An Indoor Herb Garden - How To Fertilize An Indoor Herb Garden

Fertilizing An Indoor Herb Garden


Indoor Kitchen Herb Garden

Indoor Kitchen Herb Garden

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Once you have decided on the herbs to use for an indoor garden, you will have to choose the right fertilizer. Not all fertilizers are the same, and despite some of the advertising claims, all fertilizers can be overused enough to damage your indoor herbs.

What Types Of Fertilizers Can I Use Indoors?

There are many types of fertilizers that will work for an indoor herb garden. For indoor feeding, use a water soluble type, or one that can be dissolved in water. These can can be a packaged granular, that you measure and dissolve in water before applying, or a fish emulsion, that is concentrated and must be added to water before applying.

How Do I Apply Fertilizers?

No matter which type of fertilizer you choose,you will be applying it at one quarter the packaging's recommended rate. Apply this light mixture once a week. To apply fertilizer in the most efficient manner, water herb thoroughly, and then apply the weak fertilizer solution. This will increase the absorption by the plant.

Monthly Maintenance When Fertilizing An Indoor Herb Gardens

Despite your best efforts, it is important to do a monthly flushing out of your indoor herb plants. Simply place the herb plant in a sink and water completely, allowing the excess water to drain out. Once it stops dripping, water completely once again. This will remove any salts that build up in the plant's soil.

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