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Top 5 Herbs For Holiday Cooking

Top 5 Herbs For All Your Holiday Cooking


What better way to experience herbs, than to enjoy them in our food? The holidays are perfect for using and experimenting with our herbs. I like to use fresh herbs, right from my indoor gardens, as not only the garnish on a dish; but also to bring brightness to the sometimes heavier foods of the holidays.

Here are my top 5 cooking herbs for the holidays. These are the ones I seem to turn to time and again, for every meal. Enjoy!

1. Sage

© Cyancey

I don't believe there is a more recognizable herb for holiday dishes, than sage. You may not even know that this lovely herb is an ingredient, but you will certainly miss it if it is left out.

Sage grows well in an indoor garden environment, making it easy to use throughout the year. I grow sage all summer, and then make rubbed sage by hand, after drying it. I share with friends, and they are always surprised at how strong and delightful, fresh-dried sage tastes. Hand rubbed sage makes a nice gift, and is a simple way to introduce your friends to the joy of growing herbs. If you would like to try your hand at using sage in your cooking, check out some of these lovely recipes:

2. Rosemary

© A.Jeanroy

Rosemary is warm, earthy, and much loved for all rich and savory dishes. If you have only tried the mysterious, mild rosemary from the store, give fresh a try. Even freshly dried rosemary is miles better than the faded commercial type.

Why not give one of these recipes a try? They all use rosemary as a highlight flavor:

3. Parsley

© A.Jeanroy
Parsley has come a long way from the days that it sat on the edge of a plate. I remember as a child, always nibbling on the sprigs after a meal. My parents always said it was not for eating! Can you imagine?

Now, parsley is known for its bright, green flavor. It is a must have herb to finish off many dishes, and can become a strong force for many holiday recipes. If you need inspiration, check out some of these delicious ideas:

4. Oregano

© daxiangstef

Oregano just draws you in with its rich scent. Everyone loves the flavor and aroma of fresh oregano, and it pairs well with many of the recipes that we also love to indulge in during the holiday season.

Try some of these wonderful recipes, and learn how delicious oregano can really be.

5. Mint

Drying Mint
© A.Jeanroy
Mint offers us so much from the herb garden. It grows prolifically, the more you cut it back, the faster it seems to grow! Mint is wonderfully soothing for the stomach (overeaters take note)in the form of a simple tea, it soothes overheated skin and let's not forget how delicious it really is.

I have never met anyone who didn't enjoy the flavor of mint, and I personally have never met a mint that I didn't love.

More than just a tea herb, mint is delicious served in many recipes. Why not bring a fresh, light flavor to your holiday table, and try some of these unique recipes?

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