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What Herbs Repel Biting Flies


Question: What Herbs Repel Biting Flies
Are there herbs that repel biting flies?

Biting flies are a problem for man and beast. Unfortunately, the hot and muggy weather that invites us outside, is also perfect for flies. Try some of these ideas to repel biting flies with herbs.

Plant the following herbs in movable pots. Then keep them growing in front of any doorways, and in areas that you tend to sit outside.

  • Basil-any variety. Basil is wonderful because it grows extremely fast and grows well in containers. Grab a leaf and rub it on yourself for instant protection from flies and other biting insects.
  • Lemon Balm-Lemon balm is really easy to grow and makes a nice companion plant in a mixed pot. Plant it in a border around your patio, to repel biting flies.
  • Catnip-Another great repellent herb. It grows very well in pots and when cut, grows back thickly.
  • Lavender-For a gorgeous border planting, with benefits, lavender is a wonderful repellent for flies.

Other herbs that work to repel flies are tansy, mints and bay. Rub the fresh herbs on your exposed skin, or make a more long lasting repellent by taking fresh leaves from any of these herbs and blending them in vodka until smooth. Strain and place in a spray bottle. Spray the area that you want flies to stay away from. I have used this successfully on my goats and livestock guardian dog as well.

Using essential oils of these herbs is another way to repel flies. Use my salve recipe and make it with a base oil, 12 drops of your choice of EO, and wax to make a repellent salve for exposed skin.

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