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Herbal Recipes

The best things about growing herbs is knowing how to make delicious things with them! Here you will find herb teas, dry rubs and many more ways to use your herbal bounty!

What Herbs Help You Sleep?
Garden design for herbs that help you sleep.

Drying Herbs For Herbal Smoking Mixtures
Herbs for smoking must be dried properly in order to make a palatable mixture.

Make Herbal Finishing Salt
Make a beautiful herbal finishing salt. Give this unusual gift, to anyone who loves to cook. It makes an impressive present, and is simple to make.

Cranberry Mint Fizz
Cranberry Mint Fizz

Homemade Ginger Spice Holiday Soda
Ginger Spice holiday soda recipe

How To Make An Herbal Shampoo With Soapwort
Homemade herbal soapwort shampoo

How To Make Herbal Hair Rinse
Herbal Hair rinse for natural hair care

Herbs That Combat Dry Hair
What herbs to use for a homemade shampoo that helps dry hair.

How To Make A Hot Oil Treatment For Healthy Hair and Scalp
A simple hot oil treatment for hair.

How To Grind Fresh Horseradish Root For Use
How to grind fresh horseradish root, for culinary use

Herbs Used To Season Onion Dishes
Herbs to season the spring vegetable: Onion.

Herbs Used To Season Asparagus Dishes
Herbs for cooking with asparagus.

How Can I Use All My Chives?
Chives are the underappreciated herb of the herb garden. They are such a pretty addition to the landscape, we often grow them simply for their beauty. Chives offer us a nice list of delicious things, they deserve a more prominent place in your list of herbal must haves.

What Edible Wild Herbs Are Growing In Your Yard?
Wild weeds are both nutritious and delicious. Find these weeds in your yard or vacant lot. They are tasty and will be a fresh food early in the spring, before your garden grows a thing.

How To Make Caprese Salad
Caprese Salad

Top 5 Herbs For Holiday Cooking
There is nothing like the smells of holiday cooking to make us feel loved. Check out my list of top 5 herbs to use in all your holiday recipes.

Kick Up Your Cocktails With Ginger
A refreshing twist on a summer cocktail, add an infused simple syrup. Ginger brings the spice in this delicious drink!

How To bring A Vinegar Back To Life
How to bring a vinegar back to life using the natural Mother

Early Spring Vegetables - Dandelion Roots
How to saute spring dandelion roots

Garlic Broth - Recipe For Garlic Broth
Garlic broth - Recipe for garlic broth

Herbs For Hamburger Mixes
It is time to make burgers! Mix up your favorite herbal blends and mix into your ground beef before grilling.

Make Your Own Herbal Liqueur
A delicious after dinner treat for the grown ups

Nettle Soup
The perfect springtime dish, nettle and potato soup is a nutritional superpower, yet tastes fresh and delicious. Your guests don't have to know that they are filling up on the perfect food.

Expecting Mama - Tea For Women
A delicious tea that includes herbs known for their nutritious qualities

Italian Herb Blend
This Italian herb blend is used most of my cooking. Mix it with olive oil and baste on grilled chicken, or add it to any tomato based dishes. Your favorite soups will appreciate a dose of this spicy, flavorful herb mix.

Lemon Lover Herb Tea Blend
Lemon lover herb tea blend recipe

Fresh Chicory Leaf Salad
The bite of fresh chicory leaves, pairs well with the other ingredients in this lovely spring salad.

Mexican Herb Mix Recipe
If your family loves Mexican food as much as mine, you may end up making this mix quite often. It has just the right amount of kick that everyone can enjoy. Add it to ground meat for tacos, burritos and Mexican-themed soups and dips.

Herbal Headlice Remedies
Here are a list of Herbs for headlice. These can be made into simple remedies to combat headlice infestation.

Make An Herbal Formula Your Pet's Arthritis
How to make an herbal formula that will help with your pet's arthritis.

Make Herbal Cough Drops
How to make herbal cough drops for the cold and flu season

Dandelion Herbal Chai
This herbal chai makes a great gift, to warm your loved one this holiday season.

Make Herbal Vinegar - The Fast Method
Making herb flavored vinegars for health and taste.

Make Echinacea Tincture
Make your own echinacea tincture.

Lemon Balm Soda
This is a refreshing twist on prepackaged soda. The delicate lemon taste is tangy enough to quench your thirst, while the sparkle from the carbonation, is a delicious change from plain herb tea.

Make A Perfect Cup of Herb Tea
This is how to make the perfect cup of herb tea.

Make Basil Spread
Basil spread is savory and rich. It tastes great as a condiment for all your summer dishes. With a few ingredients, make it into the star of your next evening meal.

Make Lavender Ice Cream
A refreshing and unusual flavor, lavender ice cream, is a sophisticated taste that everyone will enjoy.Try this recipe with any herbs that you enjoy!

Make Dandelion Infused Oil
How to make dandelion infused oil in a few, easy steps. This oil can be rubbed on aching joints and muscles. Dandelion oil is simple to make and very useful.

Herbs For Teas
Growing herbs for teamaking, is a popular reason to begin herb gardening. Here are some ideas for delicious herb teas.

Make an Herbal Infusion
An herbal infusion is steeping herbs in hot water to extract their medicinal properties. It is an easy way to administer a tonic, or small dose of a healing herb.

Make Violet Flavored Sugar
Making violet flavored sugar is easy and results in a delicately flavored treat. Try making some this year and give as an unusual gift for the holidays.

Make Dandelion Herbal Jelly
An easy recipe for herbal jelly, using dandelion blossoms.

Saute Dandelion Greens
Dandelion greens are a tasty springtime treat. They are considered a potherb, which means they are the greens parts of a plant that are eaten. High in vitamin C and iron, dandelion greens are good for you as well as good tasting.

Chamomile Shampoo
Here is an easy to make herbal shampoo that brings highlights to blond hair and it is all natural. If your hair is anything but blond, you will still enjoy the light scent. Find out how!

Chicken Salad With Apple and Herbs
This delicious salad was a result of having so many great herbs at my fingertips, from my Aerogarden.

Herbal Dry Rub For Beef
This herbal dry rub for beef, gives a delicious flavor and moist texture to all your meals.

Basil Downy Mildew Blight
Have you been affected by basil blight? Share your experience and general location with other gardeners.

Natural Thickener For Herbal Cream
A quick and natural way to thicken herbal creams.

How To Make Your Own Herbal Salve
How to make a basic herbal salve. Vary the ingredients for the results you want.

What Herbs Repel Biting Flies
These herbs repel biting flies from home and barn.

Pickled Green Beans
These dilly beans are a fun, tasty treat for the whole family. A great way to use up your extra produce!

Herb Muffins
These savory herb breakfast muffins, make a wonderful start to the day. Full of flavor with cheese, meat and an herbal kick. Freeze them for a quick snack!

Herbs For Desserts
Herbs that are used for desserts.

How To Make Your Own Candied Ginger
Make your own candied ginger

Pickled Green Beans With Fresh Dill
These dilly beans are a fun, tasty treat for the whole family. A great way to use up your extra produce!

How To Make Herbal Mouthwash
How to make herbal mouthwash

What Herbs Can Be Used For Smoking Mixtures
Herbs have long been used in smoking mixtures, for pleasure and healing. These herbs are used in a basic smoking mixture, to replace cigarettes. Even one substituted herbal smoke, means one less cigarette.

How To Make Ginger Beer Starter
How to make ginger beer starter, using wild yeast.

How Can I Use My Chocolate Mint Leaves As A Garnish?
How to use chocolate mint leaves as a garnish

What Herbs Are Soothing For The Eye Area
Many herbs are useful for soothing the delicate area around the eyes. This is a list of 8 common herbs that you can easily find.

Top 5 Uses For Dandelion - What To Do With Dandelion
Top 10 things to do with dandelion. If your lawn is a sea of yellow flowers, don't despair! Here are my top 10 things to do with dandelion. You may find that you don't have enough of this useful plant after all.

Rosemary & Lavender Yukon Gold Potatoes
A lovely rosemary and lavender potato recipe. Perfect for the holidays

Peppermint Fudge Brownies Recipe
Peppermint fudge brownies recipe

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