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What Books Are Useful As Family Herbals?

Best Books To Make Herbals For The Family


In no particular order, here are 5 books that are useful for bringing herbal remedies to the family. All of my personal copies are well worn, stained and dog eared. Some of the things have been used over and over, while others (thankfully) were only used once or twice.

These books are also good reading for the learning experience. It is much easier to think about and remember information when you are not under the pressure of a sick or injured loved one. Enjoy!

1. Family Herbal, by Rosemary Gladstar

Family Herbal By Rosemary Gladstar
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Rosemary Gladstar is such an amazing herbalist. She is one of my favorite teachers, bringing her joy and experience to every page of her books. She has written this book in the language of the family herbalist. The recipes are not overwhelming for a beginner, and every page is saturated with additional information about her personal experiences, thoughts and more.

Truly a beautiful book, the Family Herbal will start you on an herbal journey that is both enjoyable and useful.

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2. Naturally Healthy Babies and Children, by Aviva Romm

Naturally Healthy Babies and Children
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If I could only use two words to describe this book, they would be absolutely essential. This book is my most marked up, stained, bent, beloved, of all my family herbals. It has herbal and natural health information from pregnancy to young children's health.

I especially appreciate how the symptoms are listed alphabetically. When I am wondering if something is going on with my baby, this makes it so easy to look for what I need. Am I gushing? If you are looking for just one book to get your herbal bookshelf started, you can't go wrong with this one.

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3. The Herbal Kitchen, by Kami McBride and Rosemary Gladstar

The Herbal Kitchen
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This book has quickly become a favorite in my herbal medicine chest. Read how your herbs have a healing place coming from the kitchen as well as from the salve tin. I love reading Kami's take on everyday herbs, and what draws her to each and every one. She is a warm, engaging herbalist, and her enthusiasm peaks your curiosity.

To be honest, I use this book for more than the herbal remedies. I love to pull out a recipe and wow my guests with the richness and mystery of flavors that herbs bring to the table. You certainly can use this as a cookbook, an herbal remedy book, or as I do: a bridge between the two.

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4. Wise Woman Herbal For The Childbearing Year, by Susun S. Weed

Wise Woman Herbal For The Childbearing Year
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Perhaps the most intense of the books on this list, please consider this book for your family herbal's bookcase. A lifetime of herbal knowledge in one place, Susun offers so much information on every page, this is not a book to be skimmed.

More than simply an herbal book for the family, the Wise Woman Herbal For The Childbearing Year is an entire road map for a healthy pre and postnatal experience. What better way to take care of your child, than to start with healthy fertility?

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5. Dandelion Medicine, by Brigitte Mars

Dandelion Medicine, by Brigitte Mars
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You may wonder how this book with no reference to family or children in the title made it to the this list of herbal books. Once you see for yourself how useful it is, you will know.

Dandelion medicine starts with the history of the lowly plant itself. As you learn how important this weed has been throughout history, more and more the importance starts to shine.

Loaded with nutritional information, each chapter brings new life to the idea of the dandelion as medicine. It offers pages of recipes for every part of the body. It is a compact guide to what might become one of the most important herbs in your medicine chest.

Not simply a book of recipes, Dandelion Medicine also shows herbal techniques and ideas for preservation, everything you need to know to go from lawn to herbals.

Finally, this book is sometimes found for astronomical prices (it is priceless, but in a sentimental and informational way). I have found it from a very inexpensive $5.00 up to hundreds of dollars. Unscrupulous vendors will sometimes try to take advantage of an unsuspecting shopper. Be wary.

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