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Top 5 Herbal Magazines

Herbal Magazines For Herb Gardeners


Although at first glance, it may seem that there is not quite as much herbal information as there is veggie or flower garden information, this is not true! You just need to know where to look. Here are some of my favorite herbal magazines and periodicals. They are all at my fingertips, whenever I have an herbal question.

1. The Essential Herbal

The Essential Herbal Magazine
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This magazine is like receiving a letter from a friend every other month. To be honest, it is more like receiving letters from friends, as there is so much information packed in each issue, there is no way you could sit and read it all at once.

Much more than an herb gardening magazine, each issue is full of recipes for healing, eating, herbal lore, book ideas, thoughts about gardening, tips and tricks for herbal crafts, and stories from herb farmers. Such a great read!

2. Plant Healer Magazine

Plant Healer Magazine
© Planthealermagazine.com

If you have gotten a taste of herbal healing, and want to learn about the world of herbs through many voices, this magazine is for you. Published every quarter, the beauty and serenity of the herbal world is at your fingertips-literally. This online publication is full of green merriment, energy, healing and journeys of a wide range of people. It is satisfying in that you come away feeling renewed in your faith of all things green.

I especially love reading the thoughts of *how* a plant healer came to know a specific herb. Their path is always interesting and enlightening. This is a must have. It is both beautiful and thought provoking-every time.

3. Herb Companion Magazine

The Herb Companion Magazine
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Many of us are familiar with the Herb Companion Magazine. It is widely loved by herbalists and culinary herb gardeners alike. Overflowing with information, Herb Companion takes learning about herbs to a while new level.

Inviting the reader to cook, create beauty treatments, learn the historical significance and find the beauty in so many herbs. What a creative joy it is to read. No matter your reason for subscribing, you will certainly want to keep this magazine close at hand to refer to.

I have placed my issues in a binder, so I can flip through the pages to find just what I want. It's that good!

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