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Top 5 Herbal Healing Books

What Books Belong On An Herbal Healers Bookshelf?


Herbal healing is truly a lifelong journey of learning, reading and hands on experience. There are however, books that are classic in the sense that they bring strong beliefs and important knowledge to the herbal table.

Here are my top 5 books for a beginning to intermediate herbalist. Learn to ID, respect, grow, and harvest the herbs that live where you do.

1. Stalking The Healthful Herbs By Euell Gibbons

Stalking The Healthful Herbs
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Euell Gibbons will always remain at the top of my list as a must have herbal book. He not only shares his real life experiences with herbs in the wild, he also shares how and where they grow naturally.

So much more than an herbal book, Mr. Gibbons is a one of a kind storyteller. He has that special ability to bring the places he talks about and the herbal uses he suggests to life. With his descriptions, it is as if you sit at the table with him. You truly want to experience the herbs he writes about.

Euell Gibbons, Stalking The Healthful Herbs, is the very first book that anyone wanting to know more about the healing power of plants, should own.

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2. The Herbal Medicine Maker's Handbook By James Green

The Herbal Medicine Maker's Handbook, By James Green
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Do you feel that making herbals is far too difficult? This book; The Herbal Medicine Maker's Handbook, By James Green, will change all of that. It brings the idea of herbal intuition, hands on experience, and simple techniques, to the reader, in a gentle and completely humble way.

I appreciate the down to earth conversational style (and humor), that Mr. Green brings to the pages. More than that, I really appreciate how he also lists groups of herbs and their best uses. This helps hone my herbal skills on a subconscious level.

For the beginning herbalist, reading this book will help show the thought process behind choosing and creating herbal remedies. Much more than pages of recipes, Mr. Green also shares the science behind herbal techniques, the how and the why you choose a particular remedy based on the symptom you are treating. It is truly a book that will become dogeared from use, and love.

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3. Growing 101 Herbs That Heal By Tammi Hartung

Growing 101 Herbs That Heal, By Tammi Hartung
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Truly a groundbreaking book for those interested in knowing about plant identification in a welcoming and knowledgeable way. This book is unlike so many plant identification books. The photographs are all full color and exceptionally clear. This is the sort of book that you could easily bring on an herb walk, and clearly identify the herbs you find, without hesitation.

More than an identification manual, this book is also full of recipes and even garden hints, to make growing and keeping herb gardens as easy as possible for any level gardener.

4. The Herbal Medicine Cabinet By Debra St. Claire

The Herbal Medicine Cabinet
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You love herbs, yet you long for a guide to the art of creating the herbal medicines. This book is the answer to any questions you may have. What draws me to this book, is the simplicity of Ms. St.Claire's directions and recipes. There are lists of tools and photographs of techniques, to take the guesswork out of creating herbals medicines for your home use.

Work your way through these pages, and you will become comfortable with a lifetime of herbal remedies. This is an invaluable resource for any herbal bookshelf.

5. Making Plant Medicine, By Richo Cech

Making Plant Medicine, By Richo Cech
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This book has such a personal attachment for me. I have a signed copy, from many years ago when I first started reviewing herbal books. My copy is well worn and actually missing some pages (I spoke with Richo and mentioned this, and he said they now use a much sturdier binding) but I don't care. The idea of putting my copy onto the bookshelf to gather dust, is not even a possibility.

I love the dictionary type listings of the herbs. This makes it simple to peruse, when one hand holds the herb in question, and time if of the essence. Much more than a dictionary of herbs however, this is also my go-to book for learning about making herbals, why we choose the methods we choose, and plenty of good old fashioned common sense, make this a comfortable partner for my herbal studies.

These books are a mere sampling of books that you might consider for your herb studies. There are so many more that are important in terms of knowledge. There is so much herbal information that you can hold in your hand.

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