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Book Review: Herbs For Pets

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The Bottom Line

This is a fantastic resource for many herb gardeners. If you own pets, they can benefit from the nutritive quality of many herbs. If you do not want to use your herbs to heal your pets, you can also refer to this book for pet-safe herbs that can be planted in your yard for the safety of wandering animals.


  • Excellent growing information for many herbs
  • Lists herbs that are safe for pets


  • Missing some obvious pet-safe herbs


  • Wonderful gardening tips for many herbs
  • Recipes for pet friendly herb mixtures
  • Lists of pet friendly herbs for safe gardening in any size garden

Guide Review - Book Review: Herbs For Pets

Herbs for pets was a surprisingly rich offering of gardening tips and tricks for many herbs. Used as an animal owner, I find that it is one of my first choices when making herbal recipes for them. Common pets are listed as well as many barnyard animals, making this valuable to a wide range of animal owners.

I also use it for gardening ideas when trying to create pet friendly landscaping.There are many herbs that are tasty and safe for animals to nibble on. Sometimes, animals wander into areas and eat plants before we notice them. Using the herbs listed, you can rest assured that you are not going to accidentally poison anyone's visiting puppy if he accidentally ends up in your herb garden.

The book is important for a healthy lifestyle for your pets and a safe gardening lifestyle for all herb gardeners. I consider it a must have on my herb bookshelf.

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