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Fresh Food From Small Spaces: Book Review

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Fresh Food From Small Spaces

Fresh Food From Small Spaces

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The Bottom Line

This is an excellent reference book for any gardener trying to grow their food wisely. From seeds to harvesting to pollinators, you will find what you need to know, in fine detail.


  • Excellent advice for growing anything in a compact space.
  • Superb photography showing detailed growing techniques.
  • Wide range of foods listed
  • Information on vermiculture and other complimentary topics.
  • Highlights sustainable food production.


  • Main focus is not on herbs


  • Starting from the idea of sustainable food production in any size garden, you will find everything you need in this one book.
  • Find new ideas for creating space you never thought you had. You can fit much more in your living space, than you thought.
  • Excellent directions for making your own compost and vermiculture, on a small scale.

Guide Review - Fresh Food From Small Spaces: Book Review

Fresh Food From Small Spaces(Publication date November, 2009), was a wonderful surprise. The book covered not only growing foods in any space available, it encompassed the entire mentality of sustainable food production for anyone.

This book is set apart from others under the same topic, because of the author's vast knowledge of alternative food production and an uncanny ability to describe exactly what the reader needs to know, in order to recreate the growing systems.

Although herbs are not specifically mentioned, it is worthy to note that the same techniques used to grow vegetables inside are used to grow herbs. Some main topics of interest are:

  • Deciding what to grow
  • How to build containers
  • Starting transplants and rotating crops
  • Compost
  • Vermiculture

These topics are just a sample of what you will find. I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants a successful herbal garden, no matter how large.

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