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Types of Herbs: Medicinal Herbs, Culinary Herbs and Ornamental Herbs


How to grow all three types of herbs: Culinary, medicinal and ornamental. Herbs are easily interchangeable. An herb that tastes wonderful, may also be just the right edging for your landscape design. This is the path to find out the history, uses and growing needs of many herbs.
  1. Culinary Herbs
  2. Medicinal Herbs
  3. Ornamental Herbs

Culinary Herbs

Garden Sage

These are the go to herbs for all your sweet and savory cooking. You will find herbs for sprinkling on salads, herbs to spice up your salsas and herbs that no cook should be without!

Medicinal Herbs

From a simple chamomile tea, to growing wild herbs in a well maintained herb garden, medicinal herbs have a long and colorful history. There are herbs for soothing and herbs for warming, all of the herbs have a multitude of uses.

Ornamental Herbs

Ornamental herbs are classified as those grown for the beauty they bring to your landscape design. Some can have multiple purposes, such as eating and decoration. All herbs are to be loved, these bring an extra something that everyone can appreciate.

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