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How To Grow A Garden On A Budget


Growing an herb garden on a budget makes sense for anyone. It is possible to create a wonderfully versatile garden, without needing to spend too much money.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 1 hour brainstorming, 15 minutes here and there to produce

Here's How:

  1. Make a list of the herbs you use most often. These will be the seeds you buy.
  2. Save your seeds, and containers suitable for planting. Some ideas are egg cartons, yogurt containers and dixie cups.
  3. Plan to keep your perennial herbs over the winter. Plant them in movable pots for easy care.
  4. Organize a plant or seed trade day in your local area.
  5. Place an ad in your local paper that you would like to receive herb cuttings.


  1. Look for gardening supplies during the off season - late fall, winter and late spring.
  2. Trade seed cuttings with other herb lovers to gain more selection.
  3. Bring your perennial herbs inside for winter, instead of replanting each year.
  4. Save seeds from your favorite herbs, instead of buying new.
  5. Budget gardening requires the ability to plan your garden needs, buy the items throughout the year and being able to store them until needed.

What You Need

  • List of favorite herbs
  • Recycled pots and other gardening sale items
  • Storage for recycled pots
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