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Before You Design An Herb Garden


Before actually breaking ground, design an herb garden using simple organizational tips. Without a garden design, an herb garden is likely to fail. A sun loving herb will not thrive on a shady porch, and an herb that prefers shade, will never make it on a sunny windowsill. There is more to planting an herb garden than falling in love with a specific herb. Here is how to start a successful herb garden.

Design An Herb Garden - How To Design An Herb Garden

It is important that your herbs fit the growing environment that you have to offer. It is not essential to have a large farm, in order to produce a successful harvest. From a small windowsill, to a half acre or more, herbs will provide hours of enjoyment and delicious taste. The trick is to fit the right herbs to your available garden area.

What Types Of Herbs Do You Want To Grow

With so many herbs to choose from, it is helpful to consider what type of herb garden you want to grow. Many gardeners decide to grow a multipurpose garden, that can be both beautiful and delicious. Make a quick list of your 5 favorite herbs. Look at the list and see if they are all related to a specific theme. May be you find that your garden favorites are all manageable as an indoor garden. May be your favorites are all healing herbs. Once you narrow down your choices, you can then focus on finding the best specimens available.

How To Care For Any Herb Garden

Once you have your garden established, it is important to continue to give it the best care you can. Although herbs are very forgiving, they will benefit from basic care. The easiest way to give your herbs the best care, is to take 15 minutes every day to look over your garden. Seeing how it looks in the early morning, and just before nightfall is another great way to ward off any problems.

Improving Your Herb Garden

Once your herb garden is planted and growing, it is important to keep it looking and growing its best. Adding organic nutrients is an important part of the whole gardening process.You can improve your soil, indoors and out, protect your herbs using safe insect sprays, and create a healthy environment for any herbs that you choose.

Storing Your Herbs

One of the nicest things about growing herbs, is being able to store them properly for winter. Some herbs need to be frozen in order to keep their fresh flavor, but most can be dried successfully. If you are using your herbs for crafts, there are ways to dry them that will result in beautiful crafting supplies to keep you busy throughout the gift giving season. If you would like to use some of your herbs for home remedies, making tinctures is a great first step towards preserving your herbs the right way.
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