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Herbs For A Shade Garden

Herbs That Will Grow In A Shade Garden Design


We all know that a sunny spot is ideal for an herb garden. What do you do if your garden is in a shady location? Open up a whole world of landscaping ideas, when you use these herbs to plant in shady areas.

1. Parsley

Curled parsley
©A. Jeanroy, 2008
Parsley is one of those herbs that can tolerate most any condition. Like any herb that will be spending much of its time in the shade, keep parsley trimmed to keep it from sprawling.

2. Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm
©Flickr User JessBeeMouseLab
Lemon balm is an easy to grow herb with little trouble. Keep it trimmed to keep the shape compact, you can grow lemon balm in full shade or dappled sunlight, with great result.

3. Chives

©2008, A. Jeanroy
Chives,any variety, will grow well in a shade garden. You may find less blooming, but the fresh taste and bright green habit will flourish. Try using chives to fill in a shade garden backdrop for shorter, more colorful shade loving herbs.

4. Thyme

©A. Jeanroy, 2008
Thyme comes in many sizes and colors of blooms. You can add this fragrant, but hardy herb between your pavers if you have a shady location that you enjoy sitting at. You may find less blooming with a shade garden planting, but the heady fragrance and beauty will always remain. Thyme does best in dappled sunlight, rather than deep shade.

5. Mint

© Flickr user jylcat
It may come as no surprise that mint will also grow very well in shade gardens. Because of its vigorous habit, it is still a good idea to plant it in a container, which can be sunk into the ground. This will keep the mint from taking over completely! You must keep this fast growing herb pinched back hard, as it will grow leggy while trying to find some light. Mint is a great filler for those shade garden designs that need some extra specimens.
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