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What Herbs Grow Well In A Rock Wall Herb Garden

Herbs For A Rock Wall Herb Garden


If you are lucky enough to have a rock wall in your landscape, here are 10 herbs that grow well on, or in a rock wall herb garden.

A solid wall makes a stunning foil for your favorite herbs. They grow well in the naturally forming pockets throughout, and many herbs benefit from the added protection from bad weather that a rock wall provides. When choosing herbs, remember to choose prostrate and dwarf varieties to keep them controlled, whenever possible. 

1. Creeping Thyme

© Daxiangstef

Creeping thymes come in many scents and colors. Try combining a few varieties in the overall wall garden, for a varigated, yet cohesive look. Thyme loves the nooks that a wall provides, making them a great filler for even the most rugged rocky location. 

2. Rosemary

© PDPhoto.org

If you love rosemary, try tucking a prostrate (trailing) variety into your rock wall herb garden. Although many of us  dont live in the Mediterranean environment that rosemary requires to be a perennial, with the protection that a rock wall provides, it can add at least a full zone to the range of temperatures that help rosemary survive the winter. 

3. Savory

© cbertel

Savory is another herb that should be added to your rock wall herb garden. Use winter savory and although it is said to be hardy only to zone 6, tucked into a wall for protection might give it the extra help it needs to live in colder zones. 

4. Sage

© Cyancey

It may be suprising to note that sage likes to grow in a rock wall garden, but if you consider its needs: bright sun, good drainage and plenty of room. Be sure to look for a prostrate variety or plant on the top of or in front of the wall itself. 

5. Lavender

© Limbo Poet

Of course, lavender will fit in well for a wall garden. Lavender loves full sun and not so fertile soil, so the requirements fall well within what a wall herb garden can offer. Lavender especially loves the warmth that a rock wall will provide, so again you may find that it is the perfect place to grow an otherwise fussy plant. 

Plant lavender along to top of the rock wall for a stunning look. 

6. Hyssop

© Lemon Meringue Pie

Hyssop will love being planted on top of, or in front of a rock wall. Because it is such a stunning plant already, using the rock wall as a backdrop, only highlights the lovely flowers. 

7. Chamomile

© jstark101

Chamomile is especially suited for a rock wall garden. It's light and airy growth habit will look attractive against the solid background, and if your rock wall is tall enough, this will raise the chamomile up to an easier to harvest height. The cloudlike growth will soften the lines of a rock wall, yet the two compliment each other well. 


8. Angelica

© Steve p2008

What a stunning plant for the partial shade that a rock wall often creates. Angelica will love the moisture that gathers at the base of the wall, and the wall itself helps showcase these towering beauties. 

9. Violets

© A. Jeanroy

Violets are deceivingly delicate looking, but they will absolutely thrive on a rock wall. Tuck them into every available crevice, for spots of color. They are sweet smelling also, a fact that is easily overlooked under your feet. Bringing them up closer to your nose may be just as delighful as their pretty color is to the eye. 

Because they do not require full sun, grow them on the shady side of the rock wall, and enjoy!

10. Houseleek

© A. Jeanroy

Houseleeks, are the quintisential rock garden plant. They are a bright spot of color that will just do their own thing, no matter how seemingly tiny the crevice is that you tuck them in. Easy to divide and practically maintainence free, try filling out a rock wall with these fantastic plants, to give it that well loved look. Remember, houseleeks can be used for soothing burns, just like aloe. 

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