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What Herbs Can Be Planted For A Fall Harvest

Can I Replant Herbs For Fall?


Replanting herbs for a fall harvest is a great way to extend the herb garden season. Here are some herbs that will enjoy the cooler temperatures of the fall season and expand your herbal harvest.

1. Basil

©A.Jeanroy, 2008
Basil is a wonderful choice for a second planting. It loves cool weather and will thrive in the warm days and cool nights of fall. If you have a particularly wet fall in your area, be sure to provide enough room between the plants for air to circulate and dry out the leaves each day. Basil is fast growing and even if your fall comes early, you may have enough time for a quick crop. Basil hates frost though, be sure and cover your plants if a single night of below freezing temps is expected.

2. Cilantro

©A. Jeanroy, 2008
Cilantro is another wonderful herb to replant for a fall harvest. It loves cooler weather of spring, but many people do not consider the fall weather for this delicious herb as well. Try letting your cilantro reseed itself and you may find that some new plants come up for the fall, even if you don't plan it that way. Cilantro can tolerate some frost, so don't despair if a surprise frost sneaks up on you. Your cilantro may make it just fine.

3. Dill

©Flickr user Carl E Lewis
Dill is one of those herbs that loves the cool weather, but may not make it to a huge plant by the time the killing frost arrives. If you grow dill with this in mind, you can enjoy a fresh crop of delicious herb for an extended season. I like to grow Fern Leaf dill, because I enjoy the leaves and this variety is loaded with plenty of them.

4. Parsley

Curled parsley
©A. Jeanroy, 2008
Parsley is wonderful to grow in the fall. It doesn't require the heat of the sun to grow well, and is often still available in garden shops and greenhouses. Parsley is also a great way to add fresh green in the fall season, when many of your other plants have died back. Try planting it as a foil(backdrop) to some of the fall season flowers that you may grow.
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