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6 Best Herbs For Mexican Cooking

Grow These Herbs For A Spicy Flair


There is nothing like a spicy beans and rice or enchiladas for a tasty meal without a lot of prep time. Grow these delicious herbs and add them to your cooking, to create the authentic taste we all love.

1. Cilantro

©2008, A. Jeanroy
A cooling taste in a many dishes that turn up the heat, cilantro is the number one, must have in my book. It reseeds very well throughout the growing season. Cilantro does not like heat though. If you find you live in a dry, hot area, simply plant your cilantro in a movable pot. Move it out of the sun after 4 hours a day, to allow multiple harvests.

2. Oregano

©2008, A. Jeanroy
Oregano is a part of the three herb Latin bouquet garni: Oregano, thyme and marjoram. Try this flavorful punch and turn up your culinary style for the next Mexican night at your house!

3. Thyme

©2008, A. Jeanroy
Thyme is featured in many Mexican dishes. It's warm, distinct taste pairs well with spicy foods.

4. Parsley

©2008, A. Jeanroy
Parsley is another wonderful cooling herb. Its bright, green taste rounds out a salsa or other richly flavored dish, perfectly.

5. Mint

©2008, A.Jeanroy
You may be surprised to think of mint as an important cooking herb. It is! Delicious and full of depth, mint is a powerful addition to Latin based cooking.

6. Marjoram

©2008, A. Jeanroy
Marjoram is an incredibly full flavored herb, with depth and taste like no other. It is no wonder that it fits so well in the many faceted flavors of Latino cooking. I consider this a must have in any herb garden.

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