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Annual Herbs - Best Annual Herbs

What Herbs Can I Grow As Annuals?


If you are looking for herbs with little commitment, here are 5 that grow well, give you all their flavor and beauty the first year, and are easy to clean out in the fall. What more could you ask for?

1. Basil


Basil not only grows as a luscious annual for most of us that do not live in temperate climates, it also offers a wide variety of tastes and colors. Fast enough to grow from seed, check out the wide assortment of basil plants for a color explosion - all in one season!

2. Dill

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Dill is super easy to grow as an annual. The difficulty is keeping it from seeding itself and coming up all over the garden! If you want to keep it as an annual, cut off the seedheads before they dry and drop the seeds. Fernleaf dill will go to seed slower, giving you more fresh tasting leaves to store.

3. Marjoram

©A.Jeanroy, 2009

If you like the taste of oregano, you will absolutely swoon over the depth of flavor that marjoram offers. It is like oregano in 3D. Rich, fantastic taste with no bitterness that oregano sometimes has. Grown as an annual for any of us that live below zone 8, marjoram grows fast and furious during the warm summer months.

4. parsley

©A.Jeanroy, 2009

Parsley, with its bright, green flavor, makes a great annual for any garden. Wonderful for adding to spicy dishes as a cooling component, parsley also works very well in a beneficial insect garden. Both flat and curled parsley taste great and are equally as easy to grow.

5. Rosemary

©A.Jeanroy, 2009

Rosemary is a tender perennial. That is, it can be grown indoors and brought back outside the following year, but it does require some patience and special attention. It is easier and much more practical, to consider rosemary to be an annual. The wonderful thing about rosemary is that it keeps its lovely flavor and aroma when dried. Grow and prune your rosemary all season and use the dried herb all winter.

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