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Before You Start An Herb Garden


Starting an herb garden is easy and rewarding. Start your own with these simple ideas.

Deciding On Your Herb Garden Style

No matter if you have acres or a windowsill, you can grow an herb garden to be proud of. Choose what style herb garden suits your location the best.

Choose Your Herbs

Choose your herbs, to match your herbal needs. Do you want to grow only edible herbs? How about ornamentals? You can grow all perennials or switch things around every year, and grow annuals. The choice is up to you!

Herb Garden Tips

Once you decide on your herbs, and how to plant them, you may want some herb gardening tips for getting the most out of your growing season.

Preserving Your Herbal Harvest

What makes herb gardening so much fun? Saving your herbs for cooking or crafts! Check out these ways to make the most of all the hard work you have done.
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